Family Time Fitness’s Product Reviews

Ages 5-13
$57/Core I Program
$127 Platinum Package

The Family Time Fitness – Fitness 4 Homeschool Curriculum lets homeschool parents teach physical education without having previous knowledge of physical education or athletic development. The programs are thorough, safe, and emphasize spatial, body, and environmental awareness; neurological development; mind-body coordination; stress reduction; social engagement and more.

Family Time Fitness offers various programs–we reviewed the Core Curriculum 1 Fitness 4 Homeschool:

  • The Core Curriculum 1 program contains 260 planned lessons (a lot of lessons!)
  • The program is designed for all age levels and abilities, and the lessons are designed so the whole family can join in (I like this!)
  • The lessons utilize repetition, but they are also progressive and sequential (so go in order—don’t skip around)
  • The curriculum is thorough and includes a startup guide, PDF lesson plans, video demonstrations, lifetime curriculum and video updates, access to online webinars, reminder emails, assessment tools, and certificates of completion. You are given everything you need to teach the lesson
  • The Core Physical Education program provides parents with instruction on how to teach fundamental movements (ie. skipping, hopping, crawling, shuffling, running, and jumping). Each lesson outlines basic movement patterns and allows children to explore the movement through a variety of activities
  • Each lesson in the Family Time Fitness Core Physical Education program provides 25-45 minutes of activity. There is an outdoor activity at the end of every lesson that provides another 15-30 minutes of activity. Completing the daily lesson and the corresponding outdoor activity provides approximately 60 minutes of moderate-vigorous activity. The National Association of Sport and Physical Education recommends that most children 2 years and older have at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity a day
  • One curriculum purchase can be used for all of your children, so it’s certainly an economical program.

In addition to all that is offered above, Family Time Fitness provides additional tools associated with physical education training, including:

  • Daily Food Diary
  • Grocery List
  • Meal Planner
  • Nutrition Log
  • Tracking Calendar

You can click here for an overall video of the Core I program.

I really like this program. It’s fun. It’s thorough. It’s easy. And one of my favorite activities? Dribbling in a Hula Hoop (Place a hula hoop on the ground. Dribble a ball, trying to keep the ball bouncing inside the hoop. Dribble the ball 50 times with your right hand and 50 times with your left hand. Repeat 5 times)!

In addition to the Core Program, there are additional programs to choose from, including a Basketball Sports Development Module, Running Sports Development Module, High School Foundational Strength and more. I’m going to check out the running one next! Which one(s) interest you?