Forest Trail Academy Homeschool Product Review

Forest Trail Academy Product Review


  • Grades: K-12
  • Subjects: All
  • Category: Non-Religious
  • Format: Online or Correspondence
  • Price: Elementary starts at $1900 per full year to High School at $1675 per semester

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How to Use Forest Trail Academy

Forest Trail Academy is a provider of online accredited distance education.

The mission of FOREST TRAIL ACADEMY is committed to providing innovative, academic, cultural, and pragmatic excellence by empowering future leaders of life-long learners in a holistic online environment WORLDWIDE.

Forest Trail Academy is committed to providing alternative solutions to meet the needs of students with various life circumstances. Forest Trail provides national standards-based curriculum within an online learning environment.

Forest Trail meets the needs of students in K through 12th grade using an online school setting. Students are accepted from the U.S. and world-wide. Each online course is self-paced and students can enroll at any time. Forest Trail students learn by means of online or correspondence. The educational environment designed for each student is accessibility, efficacy, constructive, nurturing, and tailored to individual needs. Discipline content areas focus on self-paced academic instruction, career growth, and personal development.

Forest Trail has a great track record for students who have graduated, and students have been accepted at all colleges and universities including Ivy League Schools.

Forest Trail Academy Program FeaturesForest Trail Academy Homeschool Product Review

  • Online classes
  • Accredited
  • Self-paced
  • Enroll at any time
  • Tailored to the individual
  • Standards-based curriculum
  • Certified teachers

Forest Trail Academy Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Fully accredited.
  • Certified teachers.
  • Accessible online or via correspondence.
  • Accreditation may not be necessary and comes with a high price.
  • Not considered homeschooling as parents are not the teachers.
  • Online may not be ideal for all students, while correspondence via the mail may also present challenges (timelines, due dates, etc.).

Forest Trail Academy Pricing Information

Tuition varies according to needs. For a full year of courses, elementary is $1900, middle school is $2600, and high school is $3200. Tuition may be made in payments. Parents can also may for separate semesters.

Forest Trail Academy FAQs

  • ​”In addition to the basic computer, for some courses you may need PowerPoint, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office, a media player.”
  • “Forest Trail Academy offers open enrollment. You may enroll at anytime. Our courses start the day you register.”
  • “A course length can range from 45 days to 12 months. You will have find your start and end dates listed on your dashboard when you enroll.”
  • “Yes. Our instructional modality is self paced, asynchronous, and flexible. Students with learning disabilities often succeed in this type of learning environment.”
  • “Your materials are mailed within 10-15 days of enrollment via UPS. If you have not received your curriculum within the 15th day of your enrollment, please contact us immediately.”