Forest Trail Academy

Forest Trail Academy
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Forest Trail Academy

Online Accredited Distance Education

The mission of FOREST TRAIL ACADEMY is committed to providing innovative, academic, cultural, and pragmatic excellence by empowering future leaders of life-long learners in a holistic online environment WORLDWIDE.

Forest Trail Academy is committed to providing alternative solutions to meet the needs of students with various life circumstances. Forest Trail provides national standards-based curriculum within an online learning environment.

Forest Trail meets the needs of students in K through 12th grade using an online school setting. Students are accepted from the U.S. and world-wide. Each online course is self-paced and students can enroll at any time. Forest Trail students learn by means of online or correspondence. The educational environment designed for each student is accessibility, efficacy, constructive, nurturing, and tailored to individual needs. Discipline content areas focus on self-paced academic instruction, career growth, and personal development.

Forest Trail has a great track record for students who have graduated, and students have been accepted at all colleges and universities including Ivy League Schools.

Grade Level: K – 12th
Parent involvement: low
Demographics: one on one
Religious Alignment:
Homeschooling Method: eclectic, self-paced, student-centered method
Learning styles: traditional, individualized
Format: online or correspondence