Free World U’s Product Reviews

Free World U Pre-School – High School, Free-$90/Month for the Fully Accredited Program

Free World U is a non-profit education organization offering a regionally accredited online school as well as several independent home school options. Free World U’s programs provide students with a complete preschool through 12th grade education.  Free World U is based on an electronic flashcard teaching method, which breaks subjects down into small, easily assimilated fact units. The electronic flashcards enable students to master curriculum content quickly and efficiently and provide an individualized curriculum based on responses.

The flashcards are more than memory tools; they are used to teach problem solving and thought processes as well.  The flashcard system has many benefits including:

  • Simplicity–by viewing only one fact unit at a time, the material is made as simple as possible.  Extraneous and superfluous information is removed.
  • Comprehensiveness–students have the ability to separate what they know from what they don’t know.  By continually eliminating material as it is learned, students know that they have mastered the content.  The system always remember the status of each individual student for a truly customized curriculum.
  • Active Engagement–each fact unit is introduced with a short question which encourages active learning.
  • Good for Different Types of Learners– both text and graphics are included on the flashcards for both cognitive and visual learners. Many flashcards also have audio.
  • Quick Learning–every flashcard is illustrated with a picture. This associates symbolic concepts with visual images which, for many students, accelerates the learning process.

You can browse flashcard categories here. Click on any subject within a school for a curriculum overview.

Free World U offers several programs to meet a variety of students’ needs.  These include Basic Free , Basic Plus, Basic Extended and Full Accredited. Tutoring is rarely needed with the program because students have access to the full K-12 curriculum. If a student needs help there are several ways to get it. Each flashcard has a feedback link and emails are promptly answered by staff.

Want to learn more?

  •  A tutorial on how to use Free World U can be seen here.
  • You can watch a video from Free World U’s founder here.
  • Testimonials about Free World U can be found here.

Free World U-a unique way to learn-and entirely free (if you choose the free option)! A great stand-alone or supplementary option for homeschoolers.