Fundanoodle Homeschool Product Review’s Product Reviews

Preschool–2nd Grade+

I’m going to start this review with…I LOVE this product! Why? Because Fundanoodle teaches letters and writing, while encouraging movement. Studies show that young children NEED to move around for optimal learning to take place. Learning while getting the wiggles out? I’m in…

The Fundanoodle products (Preschool to 2nd Grade+) range from writing tablets to multi-activity kits, all designed to make learning a fun and interactive experience. Organized in developmentally appropriate progression (so your kids can start with one product, and then easily move on to the next), Fundanoodle activities encourage kids to focus on and complete increasingly complex tasks. No need for you, the parent to wonder, “What’s next?”

Fundanoodle teaches kids while:

  • Helping to improve their fine and gross motor coordination
  • Enhancing their eye-hand coordination
  • Improving their strength, control, and endurance with writing objects
  • Encouraging touch and visual exploration
  • Encouraging self-expression, creativity, and problem-solving

In addition,

  • Fundanoodle products challenge and encourage kids with a sticker-based reward system–keeping them engaged in the learning process
  • Fundanoodle is appropriate for both right and left handed children
  • Fundanoodle can be used anywhere. The heavy covers allow use on the floor, in the car or anywhere that is comfortable. Both products I reviewed had a sturdy carrying case with handle—I liked that

Parents like the Fundanoodle products because:

  • They’re fun, so kids like using them
  • The company offers instructional videos for the parents. The teaching advice is a plus. Gems include:
    • Since children are full of energy, we recommend starting with floor activities, which give kids a change to run, hop, jump and otherwise express themselves. Not only is this approach fun, but these activities help strengthen the core as well as arms and necks.
    • Remember to limit your child’s practice time (fine motor and/or handwriting) to 20-30 minutes. Children need to move! Sitting at a table for long periods of time can be difficult for them.
  • They’re affordable and well made.