Games for Language’s Product Reviews Ages 8+, Since this product review, their courses are now free for all and they have added “Quick Games”, which can be played without the need to register. is a fun, supplemental resource for learning French, Italian, Spanish, or German. It’s especially for those who:

  • are beginners and like a challenge
  • already have some background in the chosen language
  • want a fun way to complement another course
  • seek useful language based on real situations
  • want an affordable and effective program

GamesforLanguage offers 36 lessons, that teach approximately 700 practical and every-day words and phrases in each of the four languages. Each lesson is built around a travel story. The 4-14 line dialogs of each lesson start with a conversation in the airplane, then cover visiting friends and family, some sightseeing, buying train/bus tickets, and ordering food. Along the way, tidbits of cultural information are sprinkled in. The travel story engages the learner, provides relevant vocabulary, and creates a framework that ties everything together. Various games teach, review, and practice the vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation with points given for correct answers and completed games.

Memorizing vocabulary, phrases and sentences, identifying grammar rules and structures all occur “playfully,” as the student tests and improves his/her language skills during increasingly more challenging games.

GamesforLanguage recommends that a student complete one lessons per day (which should take around 15 minutes) and to review an earlier lesson for extra recall. Each lesson builds on the previous one and adds between 16-20 NEW words to the student’s vocabulary.

As this is an online program, you do need an Internet connection, a computer with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc,. as well as an updated Flash Player (for the recordings). You can play the lessons on an iPad and iPhone using iOS6 (without an Apple app), but because Apple does not support the Flash player, the recording feature does not work on those devices. Mp3 audios of each level can be downloaded.

Want to see videos of the games? Try YouTube, or better yet, click on the two samples below–



We certainly enjoyed Games for Language, and the games we played!