Holiday Gift Guide 2011’s Product Reviews’s 2011 Gift Guide: Top Educational Gifts

The following have been selected as’s Top Educational Gifts for 2011. These products are some of the most educational and fun toys on the market today. For your convenience, we have organized our list by age group–and this year, we have included product videos when available.

As you can see, there is something for everyone! And best of all, most of these products can be used in your everyday homeschooling! Educational…age appropriate…and fun — our Top Educational Gifts for 2011!

Ages 0-3     Ages 3-8     Ages 8-12     Teens     All Ages

Age 0-3

Cate & Levi Baby Blankets Ages 3 Months and Up $80

Baby’s first — and favorite blanket! Cute as can be! Perfect shape for wrapping baby snug and tight. All blankets are one of a kind, made or reclaimed wool and measure 1 x 24 x 36 inches. Your choice of bunny, cow, crocodile, dog or monkey (pictured). A portion of all profits are donated to charity.


Cate & Levi Handpuppets Ages 3 Months — 6 Years $30

One of a kind 12 inch puppets made from reclaimed wool. No two are alike. Puppet choices include a bear, dog, walrus, frog, parrot, cat, giraffe, moose, monkey and cow. These puppets are eco and socially friendly — a portion of all profits are donated to charity.

Lakeshore Color Discovery Boxes Ages 9 Months — 3 years $49.95

Fun-filled discovery boxes give tots an entertaining, hands-on opportunity to explore colors! Each box contains 4 fun objects. Little ones reach in to explore a soft blue fish, a squeezable red ball and more…and discover each color at the same time. The boxes are easy for little hands to grab — they are sturdy, and all four vinyl boxes and accessories are surface-washable. A very fun toy!

Green Toys Recycling Truck  Ages 1 and Up $17.91

Sort bottles, cans, and paper or just have a blast! Your eco- conscious little one will learn recycling basics while playing with this super cool recycling truck that has a movable recycling bed and open/shut rear door. Tough and durable, this recycling truck is 100% made from recycled milk jugs! 


Lakeshore My First Pegboard Set Ages 18 Months — 4 Years $29.95

As tots fit chunky, baby-safe pegs into colorful, fun-shaped pegboards, they learn color matching and they develop eye/hand coordination. The 9″ x 9″ pegboards are made of soft, flexible foam. The jumbo pegs are 2″ wide, so they’re a great fit for small hands. The set Includes 4 boards & 40 pegs. Additional pegs can be purchased for $14. 95.

Chuggington: The Chugger Championship DVD Ages 2 — 7 Years $15.99

Join Wilson, Brewster and Koko as they set off to win the big race! Be with them as they get ready for a test, invent a new contest, start a hobby, and learn to accept responsibility.  Best of all–they discover that a true champion isn’t always the one that finishes first!   Fun bonuses too – including coloring and activity sheets and trailers.


Chuggington: The Chugger Championship the latest of the Chuggington series! 

The Jazz Fly Ages 2 — 8 Years $17.95

Beware! This children’s book with audio CD is infectious. Your child will ask you to play it over and over again. The good news is that both Jazz Fly I and Jazz Fly II are so much fun, you won’t mind a bit. This colorful 32 page hardback book comes with an audio CD.

The Ranger Rick Family of Magazines Ages 2 — 14 Years $15/Year

The Ranger Rick family of magazines make great gifts for kids! The award-winning magazines are filled with amazing photography, fascinating stories, fun activities and much, much MORE! Kids love getting mail and learning about animals/wildlife — so why not combine the two? And all profits from the sale of the magazine supports the National Wildlife Federation. A win/win!

Age 3-8

Lakeshore Creature Builder Ages 3 — 6 Years $49.95

Kids LOVE this manipulative! It’s fun and it’s creative. Children can’t wait to see what new creatures they can create. The Giant set has seventy snap-together pieces — including bodies, legs, tails…and even silly hairdos! They all come in a plastic tub for easy carrying. This toy is a favorite with kids!

Mindware Block Buddies Ages 3 — 6 Years $19.95

Block Buddies takes block building to a whole new level! Using 21 well-crafted colorful wooden blocks, children replicate 76 designs of increasing difficulty — and learn patterns at the same time!

AutoLearner Ages 3 — 8 Years $17.99 / Holder 99¢ — $1.99 / Lessons

AutoLearner is a plastic lesson holder that fits onto the front headrest of your car so your child is facing it while you drive. You can download from the AutoLearner website interchangeable lessons on phonetics, numbers, and colors. Each lesson comes with a guide with suggested discussion topics for parents and caregivers.

AutoLearner was developed with three goals in mind: 1) to utilize time in the car to build pre-reading skills and vocabulary, 2) to develop bonds between caregivers and children and 3) to make learning fun! And as we all know–fun learning is forever learning!

I’m In It! eBooks Ages 3 — 8 Years $3.99

I’m In It! eBooks creates personalized books for kids to read on iPad, NookColor, Android and on any PC or MAC. I’m In It! eBooks encourage early childhood reading, problem-solving and vocabulary building.

There are currently six books available from I’m In It! eBooks.

The process of creating the books is easy. Just choose the book you want, the desired language, and then enter information about the child star such as name, nickname, gender, etc. Books download immediately. If a book is purchased as a gift, you can enter the recipient’s email address and they can download it themselves.

The Reading Game Ages 3 — 8 Years $24.95

An excellent gift for the homeschooler who is learning to read, or struggling with reading. The Reading Game is not just one game–but six card games and six illustrated storybooks.

The card game is a fast action memory game. Each card game hard-wires 30 vocabulary words into the child’s memory after a few short games. Once the card game is played a few times, the child can easily read the accompanying book from start to finish. By the time the sixth card game/book set is completed, the child has180 words hard-wired into her memory, almost half of which are among the 100 most commonly used words in the English language.

I Built It! Memory Match & Tic Tac Toe Ages 3 Years and Up $19.99

Build a customized game of Memory Match and Tic Tac Toe that can change as often as your child’s imagination changes.

Decorate the game pieces with pictures of mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, playmates, favorite toys, cartoon characters and more!

I Built It ! Snakes & Ladders Ages 3 Years and Up $9.99

This “I BUILT IT!” version of Snakes & Ladders is a fun jungle adventure where children first get to create their own game pieces, then race through the jungle climbing up vine ladders and sliding down the tails of slippery snakes.

The over-sized 24 inch game board has fewer spaces… to keep the game moving quickly and hold the interest of active preschoolers.

Of course the best part is letting children add photos, or draw or color to create their own game pieces.

Hearthsong Non-Toxic Talking Animal Hand Tattoos Ages 3 Years and Up $8.98

Temporary hand tattoos easily transform kid’s (or parent’s) hands into unique and colorful hand puppets — ready for “talking.”

The hand tattoos are a cinch to apply, they’re non-toxic and they come off easily with water.

They measure 3″L x 2-1/2″H.

How fun!


Waverly Organic Cotton Plush by Idbids (IDB-WAVERLY) Ages 3 Years and Up $19.99

Lovable and huggable, Waverly the water drop knows that iddy biddy steps make a biggie big difference! Snuggle up with this 9″ plush toy or go online and pick one of Waverly’s animal friends whose habitat you’ll help protect through The Nature Conservancy.

Cloud B Bedtime on Safari Book with Puppets and Theater Box Set Ages 3 Years and Up $21.95

Vacations are fun and exciting, but when day turns to night, being in an unfamiliar, dark environment can be scary. Read Bedtime on Safari to learn about how relaxing lights and familiar sounds can comfort you and show you that there’s nothing to fear in the dark.

The set includes a fully illustrated book that helps children overcome their fear of the dark, two fun finger puppets (Twilight Turtle and Gentle Giraffe), and a gift box that transforms into an interactive puppet theater with fully illustrated Safari scene.


Tonka Chuck And Friends Race Along Chuck Vehicle Ages 3 Years and Up $39.99

This racing dump truck is bursting with energy and wants to race! Push or pull RACE ALONG CHUCK to make him go. Fill and empty his dump bed. Press his cab lights, to cycle through the racing games and to listen to over 50 of his phrases/sounds!

Tonka Chuck will fuel your little one’s imagination and take your child on new adventures every day!


My Little Pony Friends Assortment Ages 3 and Up $29.89

Good friends always stick together — just like the ponies and their cute little pals. Put the saddle on your pony figures and their little friends can ride along with them, everywhere they go!

Pony figures comes with brush, companion figure and saddle.

Did you have Little Ponies?

Cloud B Twilight Turtle Ages 3 and Up $29.95

Twilight Turtle projects a complete starry night sky onto the walls and ceiling of any room. Choose from three soothing color options — blue, green, and amber — to create magical, tranquil environments that are ideal for helping children of all ages ease into a restful sleep.

Parents can also sit with their children and identify 8 major constellations within Twilight’s star pattern using their illustrated Star Guide.

Twilight Turtle is individually hand painted and includes a battery saving time out function, push button reactivating, easy color selection, and 3 AAA batteries.

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Ages 4 — 8 Years Starter Kit $27.99

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks brings stunts, speed, turns and tricks to new heights–on your wall! Wall Tracks is a wall mounted track play system. Includes full-color hanging template for easy set-up, Command™ strips that won’t damage the walls, and one Hot Wheels vehicle.

Window Nest Box Ages 4 and Up $24.95

Enjoy a Bird’s-Eye View of Avian Life! From gathering twigs, to laying eggs, and finally the chicks hatching, your children can observe the whole nesting process right outside their window with this handcrafted nest box.

The nest box has suction cups that attach easily to any window, and a 1-1/2″ opening that suits most song birds.

Give nature this holiday season!

Mom and Me Cookbook by Annabel Karmel Ages 4 and Up $10.39

With basic cooking techniques and tips, simple first recipes, and tasty, nutritious meal ideas, Annabel Karmel’s new family cookbook helps children work with their parents to prepare a yummy array of favorite foods.

Kids love helping–especially in the kitchen!

So, make some kitchen memories!


Jeepers Peepers Ages 4 and Up $39.95

You’ll love this game, particularly if you have a special needs child. It’s easy for the special needs child to do, but fun for the whole family. You have to ask the other players questions, so that you can figure out what card is on your forehead. You can even play Jeepers Peepers while you’re at the dinner table! You’ll all end up laughing while you enjoy your meal and your kids will smile when they see you wearing the silly glasses.


Mattel’s Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game Ages 5 — 9 Years $19.99

This game is based on the on the phone app game, Angry Birds — now your kids can play their #1 favorite app game in real life! The game features three Angry Birds, green pigs, one slingshot-style launcher, structure pieces and mission cards.

Little Passports Ages 5 — 10 Years $10.95+/A Month

Little Passports is your child’s ticket to an exciting global adventure. Inspire a love and understanding of the world as your child learns about a country’s geography, history, culture, and language in a fun and memorable way. Your child will love receiving their own mail every month. The first month’s kit includes a fun travel suitcase, introductory letter, world wall map, travel passport, fun stickers, activity sheet, and access to online games and activities with their boarding pass. In each following month, your child will receive a package from Sam & Sofia as they travel to a new country.

Little Passports is that it is so unique! It’s a great way to inspire a love and understanding of the world, and instill a sense of curiosity in our kids about geography and traveling.

Green Toys™ Jump Ropes Ages 5 Years and Up $9.47

These eco-jumpers are made with US-made 100% cotton rope (7 feet long and adjustable) and 100% recycled plastic handles. Little jumpers can burn energy and save energy at the same time!!

eeBoo Good Manners Flash Cards Ages 5 Years and Up $10.67

One side of each card asks what approach or response is right for a situation; the reverse offers a good suggestion. 48 flash cards–and the cards are 4.5″ x 6″ with a sturdy sliding tray box for easy storage.

There is an entire family of eeBoo flashcards, including Good Citizenship Flash Cards, Respect The Earth Flash Cards and MORE.

Kre-o Transformers Basic Optimus Prime Set Ages 6 — 12 Years $7.99

Build your favorite TRANSFORMERS hero, OPTIMUS PRIME, in vehicle or robot mode with this 2-in-1 set of 90 KRE-O construction pieces

Interactive USA Talking Map Ages 6 Years and Up $47.99

1000 facts and questions about the United States! Your child will learn about capital cities, state landmarks, state nicknames, famous people and MORE. .

This toy offers a fun variety of game modes to keep things fresh and give your child plenty of ways to play. The map features two quiz modes–“simple” and “super”. Also included is a “Race to the White House” game that teaches your child about the Electoral College of the United States government.

Your child can challenge a friend, or play solo against the map.

I Built It! Checkers Ages 6 and Up 2 Players $24.99

These “I Built It!” checkers let you choose any of your favorite pictures and add them right into every game piece. You can even build learning into your game by adding pictures of important people and/or places. Changing the pictures takes only minutes so your game will never be outdated — it will always stays fresh and fun!

Maxi Kick Scooter Ages 6 –11 Years $134.99

The maxi kickboard is a lightweight (5 lbs) scooter which makes it easy to maneuver and light enough to pick up and carry. The maxi kick’s reinforced fiberglass construction provides exceptional durability for everyday use. The rear ‘spoon’ brake and double-rear wheels add stability and performance.

The maxi kick scooter comes with either a T-bar or pilot stick (pictured). The T-bar allows a child to balance more easily, while the pilot stick provides optimal performance and handling unmatched by other scooters. Just check out the video below!


Mattel’s Fijit Friends Ages 6 — 12 Years $39.97

Fijit Friends™ are electronic robots that talk, dance, move, and respond to your child’s voice and touch. If you are looking for one of the coolest interactive toys, look no further!

Fijit Friends™ recognize over 30 keywords and respond with over 150 phrases. When you talk, she listens… and answers! So tell her what you’re thinking, feeling and what you want to do!

Fijits can even tell jokes!

Choose between four different Fijit Friends each with their own color and personality — choose between Serafina, Willa, Logan , and Sage.

Figits require 5AA batteries which are included.

MindWare’s Qwirkle Gameboard Ages 6 and Up 2 — 4 Players $24.95

MindWare’s Most Awarded Game Of All Time!

While Qwirkle is as simple as matching colors and shapes, it is a game that also requires tactical maneuvers and well-planned strategy. The game consists of 108 wooden blocks with six different shapes, in six colors. Using the blocks, players attempt to score the most points by building lines that share the same color or shape. Great game for the whole family!

Poptropica Ages 6–15 Years Free — $3.95/Month

Poptropica® is a virtual world (online game) in which kids explore and play in complete safety. Every month, millions of kids from around the world are entertained and informed by Poptropica’s engaging quests, stories, and games.

Kids create a “Poptropican” character to travel the many Islands of Poptropica and use gaming literacy to enjoy a narrative that is often rooted in factual history. Problem-solving skills are honed as kids discover and solve mysteries unique to each Island.

Poptropica is always free for kids to play. However, the Poptropica Store offers membership extras that allow kids to personalize their character. Paid memberships are as little as $3.33 per month.

Crayon Physics Deluxe Ages 6 to Adult $19.95

This online 2D physics game is an addictively fun introduction to basic physics.

On each of the game’s 70 levels, you must guide a red ball to touch a yellow star. Aside from being able to give the ball a slight nudge to the left or the right, you can’t manipulate it directly. Instead, you must “draw” solutions on the “paper” so that the ball can reach the star.

Bananagrams Ages 7 Years and Up $17.99

One of our favorites from last year!

This is the Anagram game that will drive you bananas! Players race against each other to build crossword grids and use all their letter tiles first. With multiple ways to play, this game is perfect for beginning spellers, as well as more advanced players. It’s fast and FUN!

Laser Pegs 3-in-1 Build Kit Ages 7 Years and Up $43.95

Laser Pegs 3-in-1 Build Kit comes with 72 pieces, one power unit, an instruction booklet and a plastic tray to store the Laser Pegs. The 3-in-1 kit lets kids build the Mini Monster Bug, the Tractor, and the Dune Buggy or any creation they can think of. This is a great construction set with many toy model building options.

Out of the Box Games, My Word! Ages 7 Years and Up $9.99

My Word!® is the first word game that plays like a party game! Quickly search for words while single and double letter cards are dealt. The first player to call out a word using at least three of the cards, wins the cards. The person with the most cards wins.

Fast and fun, My Word! appeals to fans of word games and party games alike!


Educational aspects of My Word! include increased

vocabulary and spelling skills.

Ages 8-12

Citizen Kid Ages 8 — 12 Years $18.95

CitizenKid is a collection of books from Kids Can Press. The collection makes complex global issues accessible for children and covers topics such as water conservation, biodiversity, food security, microlending, citizenship, global awareness and more.

The following was taken from the book If the World Were a Village

“At this moment, there are 6.9 billion people on the planet! It’s hard to picture so many people at one time – but what if we imagine the whole world as a village of just 100 people??

In this village:

21 people speak a Chinese dialect
10 earn less than two dollars a day
14 cannot read or write
45 have a television in their home

47 do not always have enough to eat”

Other Citizen Kid books include This Child, Every Child, If America Were a Village, Tree of Life, The Incredible Biodiversity of Life on Earth, One Well, The Story of Water on Earth, and more.

Rory’s Story Cubes®  Ages 8 — 12 Years $6.78

Roll the cubes, then use the pictures to tell a story. With 9 cubes and 54 images, the options are endless! This game reinforces artistic expression, language and vocabulary development, and creativity and imagination! Hours of fun for the entire family!

Gamewright’s Flip Out Ages 8 — 15 Years $19.49

Flip out for this colorful card game! Switch, swap, and flip cards in order to get at least four-of-a-kind in a row. Sounds easy, but the cards in your hand are not necessarily your own! Every card is double-sided, so anyone can take – and use- any card in sight. Collect the most cards and you win!

Green Science Enviro Battery Ages 8 Years and Up $11.03

Mr. Potato Head can’t do this! With a real potato, some mud and some salt, vour child can create electricity!

Kit includes: zinc and copper plates with connection wires (4 each), 3 cups (1 paper, 2 plastic), 2 bottle screw caps, 1 LED lamp light tower, 1 sound chip, 1 LCD watch, tape, and instructions.

Hands – On Equations Home Edition Ages 8 Years and Up $95

Hands-On Equations is a supplementary program that can be used with any math curriculum. It uses the visual and kinesthetic approach developed by Dr. Henry Borenson to provide students with an algebraic foundation for success with algebra. The program also provides students with a unique five-step procedure enabling them to concretize and solve word problems. Hands-On Equations provides both a foundation for the Common Core State Standards and, in many instances, exceeds those standards. Give your kids algebraic confidence! A gift that will serve for years to come! 

Easy – Bake Ultimate Oven 8 Years and Up $39.99

The classic oven has been updated to be light bulb-free!

Oven comes with baking pan, cupcake pan, pan pusher, chocolate chip cookie mix, red velvet cake mix, pink frosting mix, rainbow sugar crystals package, paper cupcake wraps and instructions/recipes.

Did you have an Easy – Bake oven?

Geometry Hats Ages 8 — Adult $20/Each Hat $30/Activity Booklet

Geometry Hats were developed as both fun hats to wear and more importantly, as learning tools. Each of the 5 geometric shaped hats can help teach students how to measure, fold, scale, calculate, imagine and play. The Activity Booklet provides 30+ activities covering a broad range of learning options that supplement the hats. The hats and the booklet work in tandem to provide a unique, out of textbook learning experience.

American Science & Surplus Starter Microscope Set Ages 9 Years and Up $64.95

This microscope has dual battery-operated (for indoor or outdoor use) LED lights for illuminating material from above or below, all-glass optics, a 10X eyepiece, and magnifications at 40, 100 and 400X. It stands 12″ tall and comes with (4) prepared slides, (1) plain slide, and (1) well slide, cover glass, dropper, stain, labels, forceps, scalpel, lens paper, test tube, Petri dish, teasing needles, a shipping bag that functions as a dust cover, and instructions.

Requires (3) “AA” batteries, which are not included.


I Built It! Chess Ages 10 Years and Up $34.99

Create a custom chess set! The possibilities are endless! Imagine a scrapbooked set using photos, or create a fun themed set that shows off your child’s special interests and hobbies.

If your child doesn’t know how to play chess — no worries. I Built It! provides free downloadable “how to move” diagrams that fit right into the game pieces… so even learning to play Chess is a breeze!

KEVA 200 Piece Block Set Ages 10 Years and Up $62.64

KEVA planks are construction blocks that are precision cut, identical in size and shape and made of Midwest hardwood maple. Each piece is approximately 4 inches long, 3/4 inch wide and an inch thick. These perfectly cut, identical blocks stack with surprising stability.

KEVA planks are used in schools, museums, art galleries and homes to teach everything from physics to language arts to design and sculpture.

Out of the Box Games, 10 Days in the Americas 10 Years and Up $27.99

Gather your sunglasses, snowshoes and mosquito spray — it’s time to travel to new destinations with the 10 Days Series — the Americas!  Players use destination and transportation tiles to chart a course through North, Central and South America and the Caribbean — touring by airplane, cruise ship or on foot. With a little luck and clever planning, you just might outmaneuver your fellow travelers and be the first to make connections for a complete ten day journey!

10 Days in the Americas makes for great map and geography learning for any and all students. Not only can students take a ten-day trip through the Americas, but other games can be purchased within the series. These take students through Asia, the USA, Europe, and Africa.


Legacy Learning Systems, Learn & Master Painting Ages: 8 — Adult $161

An exceptional, detailed course — Learn & Master Painting consists of 20 professionally produced DVDs, a hundred plus page Lesson Book with supplemental information, a 56 page Teacher’s Guide, and access to free online student support. This course has it all!

Legacy Learning Systems also offers courses in guitar, piano, drums, blues guitar, and even ballroom dance.

Although recommended for children as young as eight, we’re classifying this as a teenage product.

Teens: Change Is Your Choice Ages 11 — 20 Years $14.95

This write-in diary is a powerful tool for any teen who wants to improve his or her life. It guides the teen to recognize the wisdom that is already within them so that they can make powerful choices about who they want to be and where they want to go in life.


Out of the Box Games, Squint Ages 12 Years and Up $27.99

A wonderful way to encourage creative thinking in children and adults and, of course, an immense amount of fun! In Squint, players are given the task of building a picture of the item listed on their “squint” card. If the picture is guessed before time is up — points are awarded. Squint is a great game for increasing hand-eye coordination and improving vocabulary. Squint also, improves recognition and interpretation of patterns and images.

Live Scribe Echo Smart Pen  Ages Teen — Adult $149.95+

LiveScribe Echo smartpen is a fantastic gift for teens and adults alike. When applied to special paper, it digitally captures a precise image of your handwritten notes, sketches, and doodles. It also has a sound recorder for meetings and lectures. For a teenager who might be starting dual enrollment at a junior college or taking some sort of lecture outside of the home, this product is highly recommended. Not only does it allow the student to focus on the lecture by not placing a laptop in front of him/her (no access to Facebook and email with this smartpen), it allows students to record the lecture and then play it back when they get home. They can even point the smartpen to a specific spot in their notes (after class), and the lecture will replay from that point!

Setup is a breeze. Connect the pen to your computer using a USB cord–accompanying software supports both Windows and Mac OS X–and your uploaded handwritten notes will appear exactly as they did on the page. They’ll be arranged in an iTunes-like application called Livescribe Desktop that lets you read, organize, share, and print them. If you recorded sound simultaneously, the page is presented as a “pencast” on your screen with your words highlighted in synchronization with the sound. If your teen is a technology lover, they will have so much fun with this tool. Not only is it used for educational purposes, but you can have fun with this pen as well! Draw a piano on the livescribe paper, and use the pen to touch the different chords. You’ll be playing piano on a piece of paper in no time. Also available are many different apps to download, including U.S. State facts, scientific calculators, foreign language dictionaries, travel, religious and music apps, to name a few.

Photographic Card Deck of the Elements Ages Teens — Adult $16.47

Picture-perfect representations of all 118 elements, each gorgeously illustrated in photography, graphical representations, and data details such as melting point, boiling point, density and electron configuration.Your teens can use the suggested activities to sharpen their knowledge and satisfy their curiosity about the world.

University Hoodies Ages Teens — Adult Prices Vary

Where do your teens want to go for college? Encourage their dreams by purchasing a school hoodie!

If this particular site doesn’t carry apparel for your teen’s desired school, just check out the school’s bookstore.

All Ages

Picture Ornaments Ages 0 and Up $12.96

Start a fun family tradition – photo ornaments each year, starting with Baby’s First ornament. Your children are older? Don’t worry – it’s never too late to begin a family tradition.

Kids love hanging their own ornaments!

Pictures–The Perfect Holiday Gift! Ages 0 and Up $9.99 — Photobook

Pictures–the perfect holiday gift!  And you can make your own personal picture books–just in time for the holidays.  You can create photo books, posters, calendars and more.

So go ahead–upload your photos, pick your products, and get creative! There are plenty of ready-to-go templates, clear directions, and an online helper if you need assistance.

Arkmipa Costumes Ages 0 — Adult $30 And Up

Arkima has so many options to choose from — full body costumes, wrap-n-ride costumes, costume capes, vests, hats and tails, and MORE! Shop by category and by age. Arkmipa has darling holiday costumes for infants and toddlers. If you need a holiday pageant outfit, the Mother Mary and the Wise Men costumes are especially nice. Wrap-n-ride costumes are great for a child who is confined to a bed or wheelchair. ALL children will love these! Parents will too!

Athletic Equipment Ages 3 Years and Up Prices Vary

All kids love balls! Bouncy balls, basketballs, tennis balls and more!

Low-tech, old fashioned … and so much fun!

Plus, great for one’s physical well-being!!

Mirage Maker Ages 4 Years and Up $39.95

This is an absolutely incredible device! The Mirage®, a precision optical instrument, creates three-dimensional images of objects of your choice where there is nothing. Drop pennies, keys or similar small objects into the flying-saucer-shaped disc, and a perfect image of the object will appear floating above it. A booklet (included) explains the magic.

Voice Rockrz Ages 4 Years — Adult $24.99

Magically change your voice with Voice Rockrz. The mic has a built-in speaker for instant amplification and a mp3 input jack so you can plug your mp3 player into the mic and sing along. The cool accessories help you interact with the mic for all sorts of different voice effects.

Theatre Experience Ages 4 Years and Up Prices Vary

Introduce your children to the theatre this holiday season! They will be mesmerized by the songs, dances, and energy of a live performance.

If there is one, purchase the accompanying CD as well! Your kids will love listening to the music for months to come!

Labyrinth Ages 8 Years and Up $34

Who doesn’t enjoy playing with a Labyrinth?!

This one is constructed of wood and painted with attractive colors!

Great for kids!

Newton’s Cradle Ages 8 Years and Up $18.13

Newton’s Cradle is a clever device that not only demonstrates a pendulum, but also shows the Laws of

Conservation of Momentum and Energy.

And so fascinating to watch!

Young and old enjoy this toy!


Lap of Luxury Lap Desks Ages 8 Years and Up $40 — $70

Lap of Luxury Lap Desks offer support to your body as you work, read, and play. A perfect gift for any teenager or child who doesn’t like to work at the table or desk.

Whether the kids use them in the car, on the couch or outside, they’ll love having this sturdy, well-made lap desk

Pin Art 3D 8 Years and Up $8.98

Make a 3D face, hand or just about anything!

The Pin Art 3D toy features thousands of silver sliding pins in a black and clear plastic frame.

Invented in the 1980’s this classic executive desk toy is fun for everyone.


We hope you enjoyed our 2011 Gift Guide!