Hands-On Equations Deluxe Home Set

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Hands-On Equations Deluxe Home Set – Ages 8+, $79.95+

The Hands-On Equations Deluxe Home Set includes the Hands-On Equations Learning System, the Instructional Video Manual and the Hands-On Equations Introductory Verbal Problems Workbook. Items can also be purchased separately.

Hands-On Equations is a program that can be used with any math curriculum to provide students with a solid foundation for success with algebra and to demystify abstract algebraic concepts. The program is GREAT for children as young as eight years old!

This hands-on approach, for which Dr. Henry Borenson received a U.S. patent, has been highly praised by major homeschooling organizations and publications for its simplicity and elegance in building conceptual understanding.

The benefits of Hands-On Equations are many–

  • No algebraic prerequisites are required
  • It is a game-like approach that students enjoy and understand
  • The gestures or “legal moves” used to solve the equations reinforce the concepts at a kinesthetic level
  • The program can be used as early as the 2nd grade with gifted students, 3th grade with average students, and 4th grade with students with learning disabilities; it also serves as an excellent component of a middle-school pre-algebra program
  • Students attain a high level of success with the program (see research studies)
  • The program provides students with a strong foundation for later algebraic studies

Algebra concepts your student will learn with Hands-On Equations include–

  • the concept of an unknown
  • how to evaluate an expression
  • how to combine like terms
  • the relational meaning of the equal sign (both sides have the same value)
  • the meaning of an algebraic equation
  • how to balance algebra equations (using the subtraction property of equality)
  • the concept of the check of an equation
  • the ability to solve one and two-step algebra equations
  • solving equations with unknowns on both sides (see video)
  • how to work with a multiple of a parenthetical expression
  • how to represent and solve a verbal problem by a concrete or pictorial equation
  • Students also learn the following–
  • mathematics is a subject one can understand
  • mathematics can be learned without memorization
  • algebra symbols are not intimidating
  • mathematics can be fun!

The Hands-On Equations Deluxe Home Sett costs just $79.95 and can be used with multiple students in the family by purchasing additional student kits at $5.50 each. As a special offer to readers of Homeschool.com, a discount of 15% is available on these home schooling products by using Promotional Code HOMESCHOOL123 (expires December 31, 2013)

If our kids can learn that Algebra is not intimidating–that Math is fun–and they can learn this in elementary school–their entire educational future–and even career-overall life can be impacted positively! All for less than $100!

NEW: Hands-On Equations is now available as an app for the iPad and very soon as an app for the Android Tablet and phone.