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Hap Palmer Age 8, Individual Songs $0.99 – Digital Album $9.99

Hap Palmer is an educator, a musician, and an innovator in the use of music and movement to teach skills and encourage imagination in children. His recordings and videos have received numerous honors including the Parent’s Choice Award and the National Parenting Publications Award.

Hap has a charming website (really cute!), where he offers MANY different CDs, DVDs, Free Lyrics and Activities, Free Coloring Pages, and Free Teaching Aid Instructions. We like and appreciate all the supplemental free items that go along with his CDs–and again, everything is so darn cute!

We listened to and reviewed Hap’s new CD, Count, Add, Subtract! Fun with Math, Music, and Movement. It contains a colorful variety of musical styles. You won’t mind listening to it for hours in your car, and you’ll probably find yourself singing along! The CD helps make learning basic addition and subtraction facts a breeze. The songs strike a balance between problem solving and memorization with an emphasis on developing mathematical thinking skills. They’re fun and educational!

Each song focuses on a skill or problem solving strategy including counting forward and backward, adding and subtracting one, doubles facts, doubles plus one, skip counting, combinations that equal ten, and fact families. By learning key strategies children can quickly answer basic facts through reason and logic while developing a deeper understanding of mathematics.

The songs appear in order of mathematical difficulty, and include–

  1. Count Up, Count Down
  2. Naming Numbers
  3. One More, One Less
  4. Doubles Facts
  5. Add One To The Double
  6. Switcheroo
  7. Skip Count
  8. Two More, Two Less
  9. Ways To Get To Ten
  10. Ten Plus
  11. Make Nine Into Ten
  12. All Aboard To Add And Subtract
  13. Counting By Twos With The Odd Numbers
  14. The Five Seven Twelve Family
  15. Five Ate Thirteen

If your kids have addition and subtraction down, check out Multiplication Mountain, Singing Multiplication Tables, or any of his other great choices.