Home Learning Institute

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The Home Learning Institute offers a complete online curriculum (both core and elective courses) with the parent functioning as the teacher, and directing their child’s education. As the recognized teacher, the parent is free to include or exclude any parts of the program, as well as add special assignments to enhance the course of study.

The Home Learning Institute offers 3 curriculum package options to fit any budget:


Their Digital E-Text Package is their most affordable package offering a full year curriculum in the 4 core subjects for a $49 one- time fee per grade level. The package includes downloadable Student E-Texts in Math, Language Arts, Science & Social Studies. Also included in the package are downloadable Teacher’s Manuals which include the answers to the Student E-Texts. Most subjects include 180 days of lessons, making lesson planning a breeze! Grades K-12 packages are available.


The Anywhere Learning System is an all-in-one online learning solution for grades 1-12. ALS offers over 120 online courses in grades 1-12 including Reading, Language Arts, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, high school electives and college prep courses. The Anywhere Learning System includes interactive online lessons that help students’ master state requirements. The ALS system contains more than 5,500 lessons and more than 200,000 content pages of research and objective-based, problem-solving courses. Most lessons are automatically graded by the system, which saves parents valuable time and ensures that students know their progress immediately. The Anywhere Learning System package is a monthly subscription that includes up to 6 courses for $39.95/month.


The Aurora Learning System contains over 80 online courses in grades 5-12 covering core subjects and many electives, including Honors courses for high school. Aurora courses are self-paced for independent study. The Aurora lessons are “research-based” and encourage critical thinking, thus preparing students for college and real-life situations. Aurora courses are aligned with state and national standards but not specifically common-core aligned. The Aurora package also includes a separate Teacher login for parents. The teacher login includes an electronic gradebook and answer keys, which saves time when grading lessons. Optional teacher services are available for families that wish to have the help of a Certified Teacher. The Aurora package is a yearly subscription that includes unlimited courses for $299 per year.

The flexibility of Home Learning Institute is certainly a plus–and homeschoolers appreciate flexibility! We also appreciate having a little help, but remaining our child’s teacher! Home Learning Institute offers both! And MORE!