Humble Bugs’s Product Reviews

Ages 4 – 11

Humble Bugs is a character value subscription kit.

Each Character Building Kit features a different character value (Honesty, Courage, Empathy, Goal Setting, Acceptance, Friendship, Loyalty, etc.) that helps build stronger, happier kids and families. The Humble Bugs’ Character Building Kits include supplies, information, a classic movie, crafts, and lots more that the whole family can enjoy together. Subscribers receive a new Character Building Kit at their doorstep every other month. These are perfect for kids ages 4-11, but really, they can be used with any age group.

As you can see in the above graphic, each Humble Bugs Character Building Kit is chocked full of GREAT material, including:

  • A Parent’s Guide that provides instructions on how to get the most out of the kit. (This is very helpful!)
  • Multiple activities, crafts, and games that both kids and adults can enjoy together – very fun! Really – a lot is included!
  • A Kid’s Guide that allows kids to follow along with a self-guided activity – again, very helpful.
  • A classic family movie that kids and adults of all ages can enjoy together.
  • Award pins that kids can share or receive for demonstrating good character – by the way, these are VERY cute – and your kids will want to earn and wear them!

We really like this product. We especially like:

  • The valuable content! Each kit helps to reinforce an important character trait.
  • The kits provide family fun/family bonding time (always a plus!).
  • The Character Building Kits are well-planned and organized to include activities for both children and parents.
  • The kits are targeted towards kids between the ages of 4 and 11, but with parental guidance all ages can enjoy the activities.
  • Each kit is good with visual, auditory, read-write, and kinesthetic learners.
  • All crafts included in the box have enough materials for 3 people to enjoy, or 1 person to test their creativity 3 times.
  • The packaging is very attractive – the box looks so nice (and inviting!). Kids LOVE getting mail/packages – there will be excitement around these boxes!
  • The price/price options are nice ($30-$35 every other month, depending on the option chosen).