Iesodo Believe DVD’s Product Reviews

Iesodo (pronounced YAY-Sa-Doe—and means The Way of Jesus) offers a set of Christian-based animated DVDs that combine strong faith-based values with pure entertainment your kids will truly enjoy.

Each do DVD focuses on one word, and utilizes stories from the New Testament to explain

  • the word
  • how Jesus relates to the word
  • how kids can have a personal belief in Jesus
  • how kids can have a personal relationship with Jesus

Believe is the first DVD in the Iesodo series. The DVD includes two stories—The Gathering, taken from Matthew 5:3-10 and Luke 6:20-22; and Seeing is Believing, taken from John 9. I didn’t know off hand, that these were the referenced scriptures—this specific info is included in the DVD, along with an explanation of each story by Pastor Tim Timmons. The Pastor’s info is very helpful to parents that want to use the DVD as an educational tool.

The Gathering has the message that through Jesus

  • enemies can turn into friends
  • the lost can be found
  • we can share each other’s burdens

Seeing is Believing teaches that Jesus can

  • open our eyes to the miracles all around us
  • show us that miracles can happen when we trust Him

Together, the stories convey the message that children can see, understand, and get to know Jesus in their own personal way.

After the stories are over, at the end of DVD, you can

  • listen to Pastor Tim (which I enjoyed)
  • see how the DVD was made (I thought this was very interesting)
  • listen to the songs from the DVD (I really liked this, as I think music can convey so much, and is such a fun component of education)

The animation in the DVD is absolutely beautiful. The shots of flight, and the detail of bark, leaves, wild mustard, clouds, and water are exceptional. My absolute favorite shots are those of flight—as you almost feel like you’re flying yourself—and really, just about everyone wants to fly!

If interested, you can see an Iesodo trailer, music video, and a behind the scenes video here. While you’re perusing these items, check the website for their free family activity guides.

Coming soon—the DVDS Faith, Joy, Kindness, Forgiveness and Hope. I can’t wait!