Iesodo Love DVD’s Product Reviews

Iesodo offers Christian-based animated DVDs (the animation is BEAUTIFUL!) that combine strong faith-based values with pure entertainment your kids will LOVE! And best of all, your kids will learn important Scriptural truths from the videos!

Each DVD focuses on one word, and takes stories from the New Testament to explain the word and explain how the word relates to Jesus Christ.

LOVE is the second DVD in the Iesodo series. The LOVE DVD includes two stories— Birds of a Feather Fish Together, taken from Luke 5:1-11, John 2:1-11 and John 21:1-11: and Love Your Enemies taken from Luke 19:1-10 and John 8:1-11.

The message of Birds of a Feather

  • Working together and cooperatively is a plus
  • When we work together amazing things happen

Love Your Enemies conveys the message—

  • It’s better to be a friend than an enemy
  • If you love your enemy, s/he will no longer remain an enemy

At the end of DVD you can

  • listen to Pastor Tim – which is very helpful, especially if you want to use the video as a learning tool
  • listen to the songs from the DVD (I really like being able to focus on the songs—kids do too!)
  • Watch the special Iesodo music video (your kids will LOVE this, as kids enjoy watching one another, and the kids in the video look like they’re having so much fun)
  • Meet Natalie of Natalie’s Nest

As mentioned previously, the animation in the LOVE DVD is beautiful. It’s clear, and crisp, and colorful. It’s very impressive.

You can see a trailer of Iesodo, the music video mentioned above, and a behind the scenes video . You can also check the website for their free family discussion guides, activity sheets, and their LOVE e-cards.

Coming soon—the DVDS Faith, Joy, Kindness, Forgiveness and Hope. Your kids will want to see all of them!