KD Novelties

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KD Novelties Personalized Books and More
Ages 3-11
Approx. $10 and Up

I must be up front – I love personalized books/songs/toys, etc. I think they’re a great way to engage kids.

Knowing that, you can imagine how thrilled I was when I came upon the KD Novelties site—as they have MANY options for personalized books (e-books, soft cover and hard cover books), personalized photo books (your child’s name and picture throughout the book, and on the cover too!), personalized CDs, personalized DVDs, gift sets, book baskets (also great for gift giving), and more.

Regarding the personalized books, each book includes—

  • Your child’s name, age, and hometown
  • The name of your child’s friends or relatives
  • A personalized message from you (very nice)
  • Personalized books are a great addition to your homeschool library because they–
  • Promote reading/reading comprehension.
  • Can complement your language/English lessons
  • Come in a variety of subjects, including sports, holidays, religious themes, cartoon characters, animals, and more (great for a variety of interests)
  • Benefit struggling readers — if you have a child that doesn’t like to read, personalized books may make reading a more personal, relevant, and fun experience
  • I personally received and reviewed Terrance the Giraffe. In this book, my child helped Terrance the Giraffe through a difficult time when he was teased for being different—so the subject matter taught positive values and depicted my child as being kind—I liked that. And it’s now her favorite book! I think ordering another one (or two) might be in order–maybe a book basket too! Shipping is free on orders of $50 or more–another plus!

    Really, I like everything about this site.