Kenson Kids

Title: Kenson Kids

Publisher: Kenson Parenting

Kenson Kids
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Based in North Carolina, Kenson Kids was founded by two “Mompreneurs” who saw a need (as parents themselves) to create high-quality parenting aid products that really work. Parenting and teaching aids that establish and reinforce routines, using visual and tactile stimuli, can be very effective. Kenson Kids does strive to give parents the tools they need to help raise more responsible, self- reliant kids with products that are easy to use and fun for children!

These are great resources for homeschoolers to use on a daily basis and are helpful for organization and encouragement. From incentive and chore charts, daily checklists, and ID bands, to potty training, games, and stickers, Kenson Kids’ products help parents, teachers, and caregivers positively influence behavior, manners, and self-esteem, while helping all children thrive at home, school, and in life!

Grade Level: PreK-6th
Parent involvement: low
Demographics: any
Religious Alignment: none
Homeschooling Method:
Learning styles: creativity, hands-on, encouragement, reinforcement
Format: homeschool supplies