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Grades 1-8

Learnally is a great online learning tool (tailored to homeschooling ) that teaches both Language Arts and Math to students in Grades 1-8. Each Learnally lesson is comprised of a pre-test, a lesson, and a post-test.

I think you can see why I like Learnally when you look at the snapshots of several of the lessons I took –

These are the directions that greet the student when the student clicks on a lesson –

Mastery (excellent performance)
Proficient (good performance)
Not completed or not proficient

Your goal is to master all the lessons.
First, choose a lesson.
You must take a pretest first.
If you get a , you can try another lesson.

If your score needs improvement:

  1. Use PLAY LESSON to learn the concept.
  2. Use STUDY to practice with feedback.
    You will not be scored.
  3. When ready, use TEST to record a higher score.

As you can see, the directions are clear and simple. If you are at a mastery level, you don’t need to spend time on the lesson, you can move on to the next one (and feel pride that you’ve already mastered the concept). If you need to work on the concept, there are tools provided – the study session is very helpful, and you can take the study session as many times as you’d like. When you’re ready, you can take another test, and feel good about it when you score higher.

You can see below, how the page is set up for a lesson (again, very simple and clear), and then you can see my score on the lesson –

Even though I scored 100% on this particular lesson, I took the Study portion of the lesson and learned about Irregular and Regular Verbs and Active and Passive Verb Voices. I pretty much write for a living, and I definitely know what sounds right and what doesn’t – but I had totally forgotten about Active and Passive Verb Voice! I enjoyed the study session – and I learned something. And when I purposely made mistakes in the study session, they were followed by thorough explanations as to why my choices were incorrect. I re-took the test after the study session and finished it 13 seconds faster!

On another pre-test I scored 90% . It was easy to look at the incorrect answer and see what/how I got it wrong. In this case, I was reading too quickly, and instead of giving the answer from tallest to shortest, I did it the other way around – from shortest to tallest. Note the Explain above the incorrect answer. When I click on this, it explains my mistake and how to correct it.

When taking the lesson for another concept (Properties of Operation), you can see that there are Explain opportunities for an incorrect answer, and for the correct one – this is very helpful.

In addition to the above, I like Learnally lessons for the following reasons:

  • There are many (hundreds) of lessons covering the subjects of math and language arts (lots to choose from and I like the progression of the lessons)
  • Learnally supports a variety of learning styles, including visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners (great if you have various learners in your family)
  • Learnally works well for struggling – advanced learners (again, great if you have a variety of learners in your family)
  • Learnally provides personalized learning – kids can progress at their own pace
  • It’s very flexible – you can move your child’s grade up or down as necessary
  • An instructional video accompanies each lesson
  • Each lesson provides instant feedback – students can evaluate their own progress (and feel pride in seeing improvement)
  • The lessons/instant feedback helps children teach themselves – kids become “active learners” as they discover they can learn on their own (this is a great life-long learning lesson!)
  • Learnally provides individual progress reports
  • It’s easy for parents to track their children’s progress – see which lessons have been undertaken, as well as the pre-and post-lesson scores (to see overall progress)
  • Learnally is portable – it can be used on computer or tablet (perfect for homeschoolers that learn in the car, in waiting rooms, etc)
  • The
  • Learnally blog has great homeschooling articles (I’m always looking for inspiration!)
  • It’s affordable – $19.95 per month per student, with no contracts
  • There’s a money back guarantee (gotta love a money back guarantee!)

    You might want to give Learnally a try.Your kids will like it – and you will too!