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LearningAisle – K-12 – $55/month – 1-month free trial

LearningAisle believes students should become analytical and critical thinkers, to help them excel both in studies and in life. This goal is achieved through 1) student-led, hands-on learning opportunities, 2) mutual -learning opportunities (learning with friends, family and the homeschool community), and 3) the use of premium learning materials.

LearningAisle’s content includes:

  • Elementary Grades — Kindergarten and the early grades include use of Help Me 2 Learn animated learning games, work sheets, instruction, connection to supplemental free educational videos, and other Internet learning resources.
  • Middle Grades — Included are formative assessments, instruction, connection to supplemental free educational videos and other Internet learning resources that students may use to answer any questions they have.
  • High School — The core academic subjects meet (and surpass) state and national standards. Finish high school to earn a GED or a high school diploma. In addition, math tutoring, counseling and even college admissions services are provided (first 1 to 5 hours are offered free, based on pricing plan)

In addition, LearningAisle offers the following:

  1. A Co-op Learning Resource: Families can share resources with other homeschooling families to facilitate learning in a group setting; including buying in bulk
  2. A Parental Support Vehicle: This allows homeschooling parents to share ideas, resources, camaraderie, etc. Parents can communicate online, organize ‘study camp’ at home to help students progress together, and more
  3. A Resource Center: This is a centralized location for courses, testing, counseling, tutoring and there’s even an online bookstore (kind of like an “iTunes for Learning“)
  4. A Special Events and Clubs Manager: There is a platform for individual interests within a larger group, for creating and managing home school calendars, polling community groups etc.

LearningAisle provides full flexibility for parents and home scholars to choose the learning methods and structures that work for them. Choices are available on K-12 course content, study method (self or group), learning process (videos, hands-on, worksheets), co-op learning, and parental support. Trying things and asking questions, along with the right community support, helps students understand themselves, and helps them develop analytical and critical thinking skills.

In short, LearningAisle fosters a social learning environment for students, of students and by students. They refer to it as the Ivy League way of learning. I think it can also be referred to as the historical way of learning, the Little House on the Prairie way of learning, the tried and true way of learning (with the best technology the Internet has to offer, of course!). Haven’t we always gained knowledge from one another? LearningAisle recognizes this and makes it a priority. A good idea, all the way around.