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Building relationships with children through innovative communication

The founder of letztalknow.com believes the natural tendency of adults is to talk to our children more about what we want to know and less about what children want to say.  She believes it is time to talk to our children about what is really on their minds.

To facilitate this, she has developed the age appropriate products mentioned and pictured below.

The CareMail™ Mailbox – (ages 5-8, 9-12 and teen)
Individual CareMail™ Question Card Sets – (ages 5-8, 9-12 and teen)
Individual CareMail™  Combination Card Sets – (ages 5-8, 9-12 and teen)
CareMail™ Shopping Magnets
CareMail™ Sport Magnets
CareMail™  Words and Letters Magnets
CareMail™ Art and Music Magnets

How can you use CareMail™? In many ways! You can:

Let Their Thoughts be Known — Take the deck of 40 age-appropriate question cards and have each student or group member pick a card and keep it face down. One by one have each child/teen turn the card over and answer the question and let his/her thoughts be known.

Take the Challenge — Select the challenge cards from the combination deck. Choose a group of students to pick a card and read it aloud. The students are given 24 hours to take the challenge and report their accomplishments.

Getting to Know Them  — Ten question cards are selected at random. Each card is revealed one at a time. The child/teen answers the question based on his/her feelings. The adult writes down what they think the child/teen will answer.  After all ten questions have been answered, reveal your answers and begin getting to know them.

Let Them Know You Care — Pick a partner (Parent/Child, Mentor/Mentee, Counselor/Student, etc.). Read each of the write-on cards aloud. Answer each question as it relates to your partner. Share your answers and let them know you care.

Be a Good Listener — Sit in a quiet place with that special child/teen. Let them read and answer the questions one by one. The adult role is to be a good listener and make the child/teen feel worthy of your time and attention.

Becoming a Hero — Have the child/teen choose five challenge cards. Read all of them aloud. They have seven days to complete all challenges and write down the results. Watch them become a hero.

Writing Their Way to Happiness  — Have the child/teen select a question card.   Allow the child/teen to use the question as the first part of his/her journal entry. This method has been widely used in the classrooms. Watch them begin writing their way to happiness.

I like these products because:

  • It builds relationships between parents and children.
  • There are many ways to use them, as mentioned above.
  • They are very attractive. The mailbox….the magnets….they are very appealing.
  • The magnets encourage self-expression.
  • All products are age-appropriate (ages 5-8, 9-12 or teen). This is a product that grows with your child or works with multiple children.
  • The blank cards allow the parent (or other individual) to write positive comments for the child. These can be very meaningful.

Innovative communication…..innovation is always a plus!