Little Passports’s Product Reviews

Little Passports — Ages 5 to 12 — $10.95-$13.95 depending on the subscription option chosen

With Little Passports, your child learns about the U.S.A. and the world, in a fun and engaging way, by following the travels of Sam and Sofia, and by receiving monthly educational packages in the mail (yes, the mail–real items that your kids can touch and feel!).

Little Passports offers both a U.S.A and a world edition–and you can subscribe to both– to double the educational experience, and to double the fun!

With your USA Edition subscription, Sam and Sofia travel to and experience the wonders of all 50 states. Kick-off your USA adventure with the first month’s Discovery Kit which includes a letter from Sam and Sofia, a USA Field Guide, a USA scratch book, a map, and a camera. Sam and Sofia then travel to two new states every month and send an activity-packed travel journal with stickers, postcards, pop-out models and access to online activities.

With the world edition, your child can follow Sam and Sofia as they embark on a new country adventure.¬†Your first month’s Explorer Kit arrives in a suitcase and contains everything your child needs to get started: a letter from Sam and Sofia, a map, a passport, stickers, access to online games and more.¬†Country specific packages filled with fun souvenirs, letters, stickers, photos, activity sheets and more arrive every month thereafter.

Little Passports offers several different payment plans depending on what works best for your family. You can sign-up for the convenience of their month-to-month plan or sign-up for a set number of months upfront. You can “test drive” Little Passports without making a full year commitment, which is nice. But you’ll probably want a year’s subscription after you see your child race to the mailbox every month to learn about Sam and Sofia’s latest destinations!

And in addition, their blog is great fun too (more for you, than the kids)!

Little Passports has been around for a while–and years ago when I saw this product, I fell in love with it. I crowned the founders geniuses (for having such a great idea), and I kicked myself for not thinking of it first! If copying is the highest form of flattery (and they say it is), the Little Passport model has certainly been copied–by companies offering book subscriptions, toy subscriptions, green products and more.

Still–years later–I think this is a genius idea and a wonderful, wonderful product!