Longberry’s Leap

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Grades 6-12 and adults

Little Red Tree Publishing
(Delight, Entertain, and Educate)

Longberry’s Leap
by Leland James,
Illustrated by Anne Zimanski,

Longberry Leap published by Little Red Tree Publishing is a full-length, FUN, narrative poem written in rhyming couplets. It is the story of a young girl’s adventure into the world of imagination.

The 7″ X 10″ paperback book is 96 pages in length and is geared towards kids 6-12 years old/grades 1-6.

The book comes with a FREE companion Study Guide and FREE Teacher PowerPoint presentation of study guide visuals (more on these below). Plus, excellent resources for teaching poetry to older teens are available as downloads from the publisher.

One day, as Longberry gazed up at the clouds,
she pondered a wonder, wondering out loud,
a wonderful wonder about the Out There:
“I wonder,” she wondered, “is there an elsewhere?”

The FREE PDF resource, The Craft of Traditional PoetryAn Introduction to Traditional Poetry and Creative Writing – for older children and young adults is 165 pages in length, and uses Longberry’s Leap as a poetic learning tool. The guide is appropriate for gifted learners in the seventh and eighth grade, and for college-bound high schoolers. It even works at the college level, as it is appropriate for an Introduction to Creative Writing class or an Introduction to Poetry class.

The PDF includes the following lessons:

  1. What is Poetry? (see below for what is included in Lesson One)
  2. Traditional Poetry: Concepts, Terms, and Definitions.
  3. The Foundation of Traditional Poetry—Part One: Meter.
  4. The Foundation of Traditional Poetry—Part Two: Rhyme.
  5. [Plus more on meter and appreciation]
  6. Building Blocks of Poetry: Image, Metaphor, and Symbol.
  7. [Plus more on meter and appreciation]
  8. Word Tricks in Creative Writing: Alliteration, Onomatopoeia, and Hyperbole.
  9. [Plus more on meter and appreciation]
  10. The Poetic End-Product: Mood and Meaning.

Plus, it includes visuals and handouts and a metrical scan of Longberry’s Leap.

The FREE PowerPoint resource is 129 pages in length and coordinates with the Guide – it contains Visual Aids for Lessons 1-7.

I really like the book and the accompanying resources. I especially like the following:

  • Longberry’s Leap is a FUN read (fun for kids and their adults!) – it turns poetry into an entertaining subject.
  • The message is wonderful—the story encourages elementary age children to be inquisitive, adventurous, and creative (it might inspire grown-ups as well)!
  • The main character/heroine is a very smart girl. I like smart girl heroines!
  • The book uses “big words”—in other words, it teaches vocabulary (vocabulary and reference prompts are at the bottom of many pages, with definitions and reference information in a glossary at the back of the book).
  • The book contains charming illustrations.
  • It’s a nice quality book—both the cover and pages; and the cover is wipeable (important in my house).
  • The accompanying resources teach poetry in a very thorough manner. Really, I can’t say enough about this – I was very impressed.
  • These resources are FREE—so you have an entire poetry course that you can teach multiple children, for the cost of just one book. What a deal – and homeschoolers love deals!

Longberry’s head was beginning to swim:
Somehow, someway, Out There must get In!

Oh the ins were still Ins, the Out Theres out there
—but distances bridged, a future to share.

That’s the close of our story, the opening of others,
all the lands had become sisters and brothers….

But wait, one more wonder, to ponder—(gotta get the book!)

Little Red Tree Publishing publishes mainly poetry, but other genres as well.
Their motto is “Delight, Entertain, and Educate.”