Masterpiece Cards’s Product Reviews

Masterpiece Cards – Ages 8-12, Teens-Adults – $81 for the Boxed Set

Masterpiece Cards — a beautifully packaged set of two hundred and fifty 4″ by 6″ art history cards covering 5+ centuries of art history–

  • Each card contains an attractive/high quality picture of a world famous painting.
  • The reverse of each card contains the artist’s name, the title of the painting, the media used, the time period the artwork was completed, the meaning and significance of the work, and more.
  • Each painting is analyzed by an art historian (or two), offering diverse interpretations.
  • The cards are sturdy and portable.
  • They are really nice! We showed them to a number of people-and everyone was impressed.

To see samples of the cards, click here.

Not only are the cards lovely, but the educational opportunities are endless. Your children can:

  • View and appreciate the cards informally.
  • Thoroughly study the cards.
  • Compare and contrast the cards.
  • Arrange the cards by artist, paining type, etc.
  • Basically, use them in a myriad of ways!

As a parent/teacher, you can use Masterpiece Cards to teach art, history, art history, literature, music studies and more–

Plus, the cards are color-coded geographically; so, if you happen to be traveling, you can study about the art, and visit it as well! Great for field trips, family vacations, and roadschoolers.

There are so many ways to learn (and teach) with Masterpiece Cards!

Masterpiece Cards are priced at $81 for the boxed set. Due to contractual terms with some art museums, Masterpiece Cards can only ship within North America. What a shame! Everyone should have a set!