My School Year’s Product Reviews is a site that allows you to keep track of your homeschool records online–it’s essentially your homeschool notebook and planner–your homeschool “brains”–online!

With you can design your own lesson plans and revise them easily, organize your curriculum by subject and grade level, keep track of multiple schools (your homeschool, a dance class, an art program, a college prep course, etc.), record your materials previously and presently used for future reference, track and retrieve supplier information, schedule your classes conveniently, keep track of grades and time spent working on each subject, view or print your own report cards… and MORE.

Check out some of the great features offers–features that will make your record keeping and tracking stress-free —


Simple design – even young kids can use it
Create lesson plans and assignments
Professional looking reports – transcripts, report cards, lesson plans, book lists and more.
Toll-Free support line
Email support
Online help files and videos
Color-coded and themed for easier, common-sense navigation
Secured (SSL) data
Track projects and associate them to classes
Store volunteer activities
Record events
Create reading lists and logs
Store standardized test scores
Record student awards
Track attendance
Store organization involvements
SmartGrid – re-order, sort, group, filter, and download data into Excel or PDF
Track materials used
Unlimited number of students per family is very easy to navigate and to use. It’s flexible, and can be easily personalized. It is password protected -making it available to you and only you. is the ONLY record keeping and reporting system you will ever need. is the perfect assistant to your classroom. Your very own teacher’s aide — keeping you organized and allowing you the time to focus on your most important subject — your student(s)!