NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System By The Neat Company’s Product Reviews

NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System By The Neat Company

Do you find that you have tons of worksheet papers from the kids everywhere? Is that heap of papers in your home office intimidating? Are you itching to organize it to avoid having to deal with it anymore? If so, then the NeatDesk Desktop is the product for you! I know that at least one day a week I’m fiddling with papers on the desk — whether it’s for work, or the kid’s schoolwork. When we were able to test out this product, we were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to clean up the desk. I could still keep the papers (now digital) for the kids year-end portfolio, yet I didn’t have stacks and stacks of paper on my desk or dining room table! This all-in-one scanning system is perfect for organizing hundreds of papers, files, and business cards into one place. You can use it for homeschooling, business, and household expenses. You can scan up to a single 50-page document containing your child’s work, or use it for yourself to help you with scanning receipts and business cards! Best of all, the content that you scan is searchable — so you can easily find what you’re looking for on the computer.

The NeatDesk Desktop cleans up the home or work office fast, allowing you to organize all of your documents in the same location. NeatDesk Desktop will neatly place your documents into their proper folders. NeatDesk Desktop Identifies and extracts all of your important information and sorts it all for you into its proper place. All scans ran through NeatDesk Desktop are IRS-accepted digital copies.

You can even export information to PDF, Quicken, and Excel! Great for household expense reports! Further, the NeatDesk Desktop gives you clear and crisp scanning and character recognition is excellent –and among the best in its class.

NeatDesk Desktop is a very fast and amazing at-your-fingertip filing system! If you enjoy your files in order rather than in a stack on your desk or even dining room table, then the NeatDesk Desktop is the perfect product for you.