NFC Academy’s Product Reviews

NFC Academy – Grades 3-12 – $540 to $1,625/year

NFC Academy Online is an accredited online school, for elementary-high school students, which teaches from a Biblical worldview. On their website, the school states–NFC Academy seeks to assist in personal growth and development of students by providing an education based upon an integrated understanding of Biblical principles and academic knowledge. Education with a proper emphasis on the spiritual, mental, social, and physical aspects of life leads to a balanced development of the whole person.

In addition, NFC Academy Online offers a variety of programs and great flexibility, including–

  • The NFC Academy Lower Elementary program for grades K-2 offers a book curriculum. Included in this program is the NFC Academy Daily Lesson Planner which lays out each day’s lessons to be completed during the school year in each subject. The parent has an Academy resource teacher to help/give assistance as needed throughout the school year. You can click here to view the NFC Academy Lower Elementary program.
  • The NFC Academy Elementary program is an online program for grades 3-5. You can click here to view the NFC Academy Elementary Curriculum.
  • The NFC Academy Middle School program includes courses that build students’ learning experiences in preparation for their high school years. As students enter the eighth grade, they may be eligible for some courses that result in high school credit and count towards graduation. For the NFC Academy Middle School Curriculum, click here.
  • The classes for grades nine through twelve. Students have the opportunity to take regular classes, Honor’s Classes, and Dual Enrollment classes. For a list of the high school curriculum, click here.
  • Students can take just one course, multiple courses, or enroll full time.
  • Flexible start dates are available, as are flexible schedules.
  • NFC Academy Online offers a Homeschool Edition (Online Grades 3-7)–for students in grades 3-7 the parent can be the primary teacher and have an Academy teacher as support, via e-mail communications. Parents are trained in the essentials of the program and how they can successfully move their student(s) through each subject. The parent grades all essays, projects, reports, and science experiments.
  • NFC Academy Online offers a Homeschool Advantage Edition (Online Grades 3-12)–the parent can choose to have NFC Academy teachers as the primary teachers, providing instruction and grading. In grades 9-12 Academy teachers work with students in live scheduled sessions. Parents follow up by ensuring the school work is completed on a daily basis, and they stay in contact with the NFC teachers as necessary.

A Biblical world view….flexibility….a program that’s accredited–NFC Academy Online is the perfect solution for many homeschooling families!