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Ages 4 – 10

Webster and the POD Squad (POD=People of Dignity) is a DVD series which teaches character to kids PreK-4th Grade. The series is a 3 DVD set (30 episodes per disc), which includes 17 different character traits, including dignity, respect, trustworthiness, responsibility, empathy, fairness, caring, consequences and more. Most topics contain 5 short episodes discussing various aspects of specific traits. The topic of bullying contains 10 episodes. The DVDs come with a 36 page booklet that summarizes each lesson and includes discussion questions.

I like the DVDs for the following reasons:

  • They contain good/important content
  • They contain over 4 hours of content
  • You can choose to watch the lessons in order, or pick and choose the topics that are important to you at any given moment
  • Each episode is only 2-4 minutes in length so it’s easy to make time for a lesson, and have time for a discussion as well
  • If you’re not sure what to ask your kids, discussion questions accompany the lessons
  • The DVDs can be used as a supplement to a character building program you might already be using, or as a stand-alone program
  • They are economical. As mentioned, you get 3 DVDs, 90 episodes, 17 character education topics, over 4 hours of content, and a discussion booklet – all for $50
  • In addition, there are cute misc. accessories (buttons and posters) available for ordering, if you’re interested
  • Webster is a charming (and cute!) puppet character
  • Webster is a humorous character – I laughed numerous times
  • The lessons are written and performed by Robb Killen, a licensed professional school counselor and a professional puppeteer (Yes, he’s both!)

Curious? You can preview videos here.

Click here for testimonials (the last video on the page).

The only thing I don’t like about the videos? Webster attends school (I feel bad for him when he’s dropped off early in the morning) – he’s not homeschooled. This adds an extra, unintended (but valuable) lesson to the DVDs!