Home Art Studio

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Grades K-5

Home Art Studio is a program designed to increase students’ love and appreciation of the visual arts, and to help children problem solve and think creatively.

Regarding the program, the lessons:

  • Are great for homeschooling–great for after school and summer vacation too
  • Are informational—they provide fundamental art concepts and principles as well as information regarding Art History
  • Include a variety of learning options. Students are introduced to drawing, painting, sculpture, and more. Students listen to professional artists, take a trip to an art museum, and learn about how art is everywhere in the world around them.
  • Provide opportunities to integrate core subjects like Math and Social studies into the Art lessons
  • Contain enough lessons to last the traditional school year, provided you do one a week
  • Provide written versions of every lesson plan in a PDF format—so you can print the lesson out and take it with you (I really like this)
  • Are great whether the parents are knowledgeable about art or not. In other words, you don’t have to be an artist to teach this program– just pop in the DVD and follow along (whew!—because I still draw stick figures!)
  • Are easy to follow
  • Are a lot of fun for both students and parents
  • In the Home Art Studio program, parents are encouraged to:
    • Have their children begin one project a week
    • Go in order, as later lessons build on prior knowledge gained in the earlier lessons
    • Allow kids to work at their own pace (children should go at their own speed to have the time to express themselves, and have the time to make sure they absorb the concepts being taught in the lesson)
    • Keep art time pressure-free
    • Encourage students to “think outside the canvas”
    • Share their children’s masterpieces with family members (My Dad use to call this OOHing and AAHing)
    • Join the Home Art Studio online community to share artwork
  • Details on the curriculum by grades can be found here.

To see free/sample lessons click here.

For an overall video of the program, click here.

I want my kids to have the chance to blossom artistically–to be able to express themselves in a variety of mediums. With this program—they can!