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Katie Jordyn is an author of children’s educational books, specifically reading primers, and she believes that learning to read should be easy and fun, so that children grow up loving to read.

We’re reviewing her five early reading books entitled Ready…Set…Read!!! for Beginning Readers. These books are for children that already know the alphabet, as well as each sound the letters make.

In her books, her focus is on helping children recognize patterns of word endings and the sound that each letter combination makes. She teaches reading, by teaching the ends of words—which I think is very interesting. The books are built around rhyming words—which of course, kids find interesting/enjoyable.

By the end of the first book, kids should be able to read 13 word endings, over 80 words, be able to read phrases, and be able to read simple sentences using the new words. In book 2, 12 word endings and over 62 words are taught. Book 3—11 word endings and over 47 new words. In the fourth book, kids learn 15 new word endings and over 84 new words. In the fifth book–11 new word endings and over 45 new words. The books build on one another, so words taught in the previous books are incorporated into and reviewed in the later volumes. I like that. In book one, your child will read sentences such as “A fat cat sat.” By book 5 sentences progress to “Suddenly, my furry bunny went under the bunk bed.”  Katie also uses word puzzles to challenge your young readers as well. You might even be stumped by a puzzle or two—I was!

You can purchase these eBooks on Amazon for only $1.99, or you can read them for FREE if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. You do not need a kindle device or an eReader to read the eBooks—as long as you have an Amazon account, you can purchase the eBooks and download them to your free Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader ( You can then read the eBooks in your web browser.

You sure can’t beat the price! And as mentioned previously, I think teaching word endings is a very interesting way to teach reading. These books are certainly worth a look.