’s Product Reviews Ages 3-8 Free–$40 in the future is a site that believes learning can be fun. The resources, exercises and games on the site teach young children (preschool–grade 3, and perhaps a little older) the basic educational skills they need to achieve academically. The resources also teach a child that learning can be fun.

The academic categories (categories of fun) on include Math, Language, Brain Teasers, and Miscellaneous. Exercises within the categories can be used by children either alone or under the supervision of a parent/teacher.

Regarding the actual games/exercises–

  • One of my favorite easy games was the memory game (the memory game has always been one of my favorites since childhood). Instead of just matching items, students match numbers with numbered items (ie., the number 3 with three light bulbs).
  • The Mouse Trap is great fun–there certainly is a strategy for winning. Hint–think big–and then narrow the trap down–and make use of the barriers that open with the game.
  • With many of the games, parents can play against their children. Kids like trying to beat their parents’ scores!  This also works with siblings.
  • When you click on an activity, you might notice that some come with instructions–while others do not. Even without instructions, it’s easy to figure out how an activity works/how it can be beneficial for your child. Sometimes when I clicked on an activity that didn’t include instructions, my first reaction was “Huh?”, but it was quickly followed by “Oh, I like that!”
  • Every time you click on a game/exercise, it causes another tab on your computer to open. Parents can open several games for their children — perhaps 3 that train multiplication skills for example — and then leave the kids to work through them all rather than having to open a new game every few minutes.  Even though I’m partial to my back button–I see the benefits of this.
  • The crossword and word search generator programs (located in the ‘Other’ category from the main top menu bar) are customizable –which of course is nice–especially for homeschoolers.
  • The graphics on all the games/exercises are very attractive and appealing to children.

At the moment parents can sign up and use the site for free. plans to become a subscription site around August of 2013. Notification will be sent to parents to inform them the subscription system is about to begin. There won’t be any surprises–you won’t be obligated to join at that time.  The annual subscription fee for private users will be $40/year for unlimited use of the site–it will certainly be a good value.

Why not try it out now while it’s free–and see if it’s something your kids like/use? It’s certainly a fun site — your little ones will enjoy it–and they’ll learn at the same time. You can’t beat that!