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Kindergarten – Sixth Grade

SRSD K-6 Writing Strategies

SRSD – Self-Regulated Strategy Developed

As a homeschool parent, are you willing to take a course, so you can better teach your kids how to write? Will you invest in yourself, so you can invest in them? That’s what’s required with SRSD Online. After years of public school success, SRSD Online has been formatted to thrive in the homeschool environment. SRSD Online now offers 12 hours of step-by-step, online (so it’s on your schedule and at your convenience) parent instruction – complete with lesson plans, rubrics, graphic organizers, and activities, which help you help your children become better (great!) writers.

There are six easy stages that comprise the SRSD approach. SRSD has been shown to be effective after just 15 lessons (see graph for stages and 15 lesson detail). Of course, each student’s time requirements may vary, these are merely approximations.

Students write during all of the stages, and their work improves as their use of the different strategies becomes more sophisticated and automatic.

Throughout the stages, the parent and the students collaborate in terms of the acquisition, implementation, evaluation, and modification of these strategies. This is a joint process for sure!

What I like about SRSD Online

  • Its research based (pretty impressive research and very impressive results – over 100 studies and 30 years of research!).
  • It’s a very comprehensive program with step by step guides.
  • It comes loaded with materials for every skill level. Everything you need!
  • It provides a lot of overall language info/explanations.
  • It’s easy to use with short learning segments that you can put to use right away.
  • It provides modeling examples (lots of parent modeling).
  • It allows parents to differentiate instruction to meet students’ needs – this works great for different kids in the same family, or for a variety of children in a co-op setting.
  • It works for kids K-6 (general ed, special needs, advanced).  7-12 will be available this fall.
  • Students move through the program at their own pace.
  • New strategies are introduced and previously taught strategies are upgraded over time.
  • The self-regulation part of this program includes goal setting, self-instructions, self-assessment, self-monitoring, and self-reinforcement – all important life skills, not just writing skills.
  • It’s convenient. You can use the platform on your smart phone, tablet, or on your computer. No special technology is required. It’s perfect for homeschoolers when “class” is on the go.
  • There is great support. A support team is ready to help with implementation as needed (although you may not need it)
  • Want to learn more? It’s easy to google and you can read numerous independent studies supporting the methodology.
  • It’s affordable. SRSD Online is only $99 (this is 50% savings) if you’re a reader.

Most impressive? The results! Check out this video –

12 hours of your time – it’s worth it!