Standard Deviants Accelerate’s Product Reviews

Middle School and High School Students
$14.95 – $24.95/month per subject Special:
$59.95 – $99.95/year per subject

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Online Learning that Connects

Standard Deviants Accelerate is an online learning platform that offers a year’s worth of content per subject, for middle and high school students.

The Standard Deviants classes include 14 complete courses in Math, Science, History, English, and Test Prep, including the following–




Algebra Biology U.S. History
Arithmetic Chemistry
Fundamental Math Earth Science
English AP Test Prep
English Composition Biology
American Government
U.S. History
English Composition

Reasons I like these Standard Deviants Accelerate classes are below (note how long this list is!)–

  • The subjects are complete—each one offers a year’s worth of core curriculum content. Want to go beyond the core? You can!
  • SDA is easy to use—just two clicks to any content.
  • Differentiated and individualized instruction (always a plus)!
  • Subjects are self-guided. Videos can be played, rewound, and played again as needed. This is really important when a student considers a course difficult.
  • There’s a rolling transcript that accompanies the video—good for different learning styles.
  • Kids can type notes while watching the video, or cut and paste info from the rolling transcript. How convenient! Kids can then save their notes to their student lockers.
  • There’s a drag-and-drop graphic organizer.
  • This program encourages creative and critical thinking. Students are asked to approach the material from creative angles and think for themselves. A writing feature at the end of each lesson prompts students to synthesize all that they have learned and apply it towards creating a new solution or product.
  • SDA materials continuously assess knowledge and loop back to re-teach as necessary. For instance, following a missed answer on a multiple-choice quiz, the student sees a video that re-teaches the missed concept. This is a product that teaches and re-teaches, allowing students to learn, progress, and then master the information.
  • Curriculum based assessment (pre- and post- assessment).
  • Students demonstrate mastery by teaching what they have learned to others in a new context. This is cool—and this is when you know your child really has the info down!
  • The lectures are entertaining.
  • SD Accelerate offers lots of flexibility for the parent/teacher. That’s because SD Accelerate works well with tablets, projectors and interactive white boards. Activities can also be printed off .
  • RTI*
  • Accelerate provides automatic grading, progress reports, visual grade reports, editable rubrics and alerts to let you know if your child is having difficulty.
  • GREAT customer service–Yes! The following language is taken directly from their site, “We encourage everyone with access to SD Accelerate to go through a webinar with one of our trained staff members so we can answer questions, provide information on how SD Accelerate can be used for your particular setting, and more. We offer one-on-one webinars, and group webinars – on us!” I have to admit, I thought I didn’t need the Webinar, but I sure was happy when I took it! I learned so much about the program—it was well worth the time.
  • And MORE!

*RTI = “Response to Intervention.” Early, systematic assistance to children who are having difficulty learning. RTI seeks to prevent academic failure through early intervention, frequent progress measurement, and increasingly intensive research-based instructional interventions