Systematic Mathematics’s Product Reviews

Kids K-12

Systematic Mathematics is a video-based homeschool math curriculum.  I like it for the following reasons–

  • Systematic Mathematics was developed by a former Math teacher using old-school (pre-1970’s) tried and true methods for teaching mathematics. You can click here for his explanation regarding the deterioration of math education in the U.S., and why he teaches the way he does.
  • The various modules in Systematic Mathematics can be used to create a solid mathematical foundation for your kids (see analogy below).
  • It’s also a great program for repairing cracks/gaps in your kids’ math foundation. If your kids missed something previously—if they didn’t quite “get” something—it will show up as an issue in future mathematical applications. Systematic Mathematics goes back and helps your child “get it” (again, see analogy below).
  • Module information helps students understand math; not just memorize it.
  • The assignments are concise, clear and to the point; there’s no jumping around.
  • Because the classes are on DVDs—your kids can easily replay and go over parts that are difficult for them. If a student needs more work on a certain lesson, s/he can simply watch the lesson again and print out another worksheet.
  • The modules offer flexibility. By making this curriculum available in short modules, you can purchase the modules you need, not an entire course. If you’d like, the modules can be put together to supply an entire year’s curriculum.
  • Systematic Mathematics is affordable—as mentioned in the previous bullet—you can purchase just what you need. Also, it’s a nonconsumable curriculum, meaning the program can be used by more than one student at the same time. That’s good for the budget.
  • Systematic Mathematics helps you determine which module (s) you need by letting your kids take the tests associated with the module (s). If your child aces a test—you need a higher module.
  • You can learn along with your child–this is even encouraged
  • Systematic Mathematics is a family business, run by homeschoolers
  • There’s a money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the material for any reason, you can return the module within 30 days and they’ll refund the purchase price, less shipping and handling

The following is the analogy referenced above. It’s taken directly from the Systematic Mathematics site, and explains their viewpoint and how/why they teach math as they do—

A maintenance man noticed that the doors started binding and cracks in the plaster started showing up on the 103rd floor of a building. An architect, known for his ability to deal with such things, was called and was to arrive at a certain time.  As the  superintendent of the building waited for him on the 103rd floor, the time passed for the man to arrive.  The superintendent was then told that the expert was in the basement.  The superintendent went down to the basement and informed the expert that the problem was on the 103rd floor. The architect answered him by saying, “The symptoms may be on the 103rd floor, but the problem is here in the foundation.”  It is the same way with math. The math troubles that students have in 8th grade and higher are usually due to a poor foundation earlier. Systematic Mathematics can repair the foundation. 

We reviewed the Math Rescue module. This course is designed for students in their mid-teens — adults of any age. It has 47 DVD lessons plus 7 supplemental lessons (no video). 

Per System Mathematics, this course is a “Weapon of Math Instruction”! It certainly includes a lot and if very thorough!

This module includes:

1 Data CD (printed material)
8 Lesson DVDs (47 lessons)
7 Supplemental Lessons (no video)

54 Lessons Total

To see a sample video lesson and accompanying worksheets from the first Math Rescue class, click here.

Other classes/modules offered by Systematic Mathematics include-