Tech Rocket’s Product Reviews

Ages 10 – 18

Tech Rocket is an online learning platform, built by iD Tech. The site offers programming courses in languages like Java, C++, Python, and iOS app development, and also Game Design tracks including Minecraft Modding and other popular 2D and 3D platforms. The courses are designed for kids and teens ages 10-18.

We reviewed their Swift Wildfire: Business as Usual course. This is an introductory course into the world of iOS app building using Apple’s new programming language, Swift, and developing application Xcode. No knowledge of Swift and Xcode is required, but basic understanding of programming is required.

What we liked about the course:

  • The install process was a breeze.
  • This course provides an in depth, hands-on approach for the iOS beginner.
  • It’s thorough – with 8 levels and 24 challenges.
  • There is a clear goal and the chapters break down uniformly with a good length for each section.
  • The course is easy to follow with clear buttons and next steps.
  • The characters interact with the flow of the course.
  • The animation is age appropriate and engaging.
  • The program is easy to pause as you check your work or rewind it to watch a section again.
  • Being able to pause and look at the code is a nice feature.
  • The questions are relevant to the course section that you just completed. This encourages interaction and reinforces what you learned in the chapter.
  • There are great fact sheets that provide for more explanations and digging deeper into the material.
  • You don’t feel rushed – you can go at your own pace.
  • You can leave the course and come back easily right where you left off.
  • If your student needs a little help s/he can get it. Tech Rocket courses have built-in hints to help get students past tough concepts. Need further help, or just want to talk to a fellow human? You can start a chat with one of their Live Coaches. Or, your student can visit the social forums and ask, browse, and answer questions and seek help from his/her fellow peers.
  • You get to see the apps that you helped build run in simulation mode on your computer live while you do the course – which is very rewarding.
  • Students are taught how to build TWO functional mobile apps.
  • The platform gives you enough ideas to create your own apps off of the course and try your own things – again, very rewarding.
  • It’s affordable! Free courses are available and you have monthly options of $19 or $29.  Click
  • here to learn more.
  • The program is fun – and fun is always good!

Fun, educational, STEM oriented – you might want to check out Tech Rocket and Swift Wildfire: Business as Usual (or their other courses!).