Teen Coder Series

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Teen Coder Series Ages 8 – Teens

Homeschool Programming, Inc. teaches Windows and Game Programming to students of all ages. With Homeschool Programming, students learn how to write computer programs at their own pace. The fun, engaging approach combines textbook study material and hands-on computer programming activities. No teacher expertise is required! The KidCoder™ Series is for elementary and middle-school students while the TeenCoder™ Series is geared towards older students.

The KidCoder™: Year Pack includes both the first semester KidCoder™: Windows Programming and the second semester KidCoder™: Game Programming courses. The KidCoder™ courses are a hands-on introduction to the field of Windows Programming and they teach students how to write their very own Windows and Game programs using Visual Basic. The TeenCoder™ Series uses the C# programming language for a more in-depth study of Windows and Game Programming topics.

KidCoder™ uses a fun, self-study, activity-driven approach to teach computer programming. Any student with normal computer usage skills can learn programming–again, no teacher expertise is required. KidCoder™ comes with manuals, course CD’s and optional instructional videos–the course is very thorough. Each course is installed with a professional setup program that adds graphical course menus with convenient links to all course material. Students don’t need to manually unzip or manage a bunch of individual files. The instructional videos are especially helpful. The animation and narration are exceptional–the narrator is very precise and articulate. Again–this is a very thorough product.

In KidCoder™: Windows Programming , students learn the basics of programming, including how to create Windows screens, how to use data and how to handle user input. Students create a different program at the end of each chapter.

In KidCoder™:Game Programming, students learn the basics of game programming, including game design and logic, how to display graphics, animate images, handle sprites, play sounds, etc.

With KidCoder™ the course begins with a brief introduction to computer hardware, software, and programming history, followed by an introduction to Microsoft Visual Basic 2010. Students need to download Visual Basic to their computers. Also, it’s important that the computer have a Flash enabled web browser to play the videos directly from the computer’s DVD drive–they do not play in a standard TV/DVD player. All of this is educational.

Kids need to know about computers. They need to know how to program. This is a great product to get the ball rolling. The end goal of being able to write their own computer games, is the incentive for students to follow through and finish the course. A built-in incentive–how nice!