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The Edge in College Prep – Teens, $175 and up

SAT & ACT Test Prep and Admissions Counseling

The Edge in College Prep is an exceptional test prep and admissions counseling service that helps students get the scores they need-and develop the applications that are necessary-to get into the colleges of their choice. Last year, 100% of The Edge’s clients were accepted to at least one college of their top 3 choices!

Regarding test prep-students living in the New York Tri-State area, London, Buenos Aires, Rio, and South Florida can access in-person private and group tutoring. For students outside these areas, high-tech video tutoring and travel tutoring through their Global Elite program are available.

All tutoring packages are customized based on the score improvement a student needs, to achieve his/her goal scores. On average, students improve 100 points on the SAT and 1 point on the ACT for every ten hours of tutoring they receive. The customization is great.

Regarding the admissions process-EdgeinCollegePrep provides all necessary advisory assistance. They consult and go over every aspect of a student’s High School career, assist with the application process, with the choosing of schools, with perfecting student resumes, plus, they assist in the writing of standout essays.

To put it simple-EdgeinCollegePrep students get accepted. What more can you want from an admissions counseling company-and more importantly, what more can you want for your child?!

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Edge in College Prep – a customized program for each student!