Theory Time’s Product Reviews

Ages 3 – Adult

Theory Time® designs, creates and publishes material for general music theory education. They offer a K-12 Workbook Series, a Medallion Workbook Series, a Reproducible Series, Fun/Challenge Sheets, Camp Curriculum, Teaching Aids (including scale and rhythm blocks—very cute!), Games, Test Paks, Answer Sheets and MORE (over 100 products). For general website descriptions of all their products, click here. The Theory Time materials are perfect for students of voice, piano, strings, brass, woodwinds or percussion instruments. Homeschoolers can use them (you don’t need to have a music background), and professional teachers can use them as well, to teach in a studio environment. They’re very versatile—and very thorough.

The K-12 Workbook Series includes thirteen books. Each book offers age-appropriate concepts and step-by-step explanations, which if followed, should make it easy for kids to complete the music drills/learn music theory.

All the ear training drills are available online, free of charge, via the Theory Time YouTube channel. Simply click on “Free Ear Training Videos” and then click on the grade level followed by the appropriate Ear Training exercise. I really like and appreciate this.

The Teacher’s Editions offer the answers to the Ear Training drills, as well as the answers for every page of every workbook. The Teacher’s Edition Volume 1 covers the Primer and Grades1-3—so you don’t have to buy a Teacher’s Edition every time you purchase a workbook. That’s nice—it saves a little money.

Also nice? Theory Time offers free vocabulary drills and games –a plus for sure.

If you’re not sure which book your child should start with, Placement Tests are available. Theory Time suggests—”Late beginners should consider starting at the Grade Four workbook, or consider working through the comprehensive workbooks in the Medallion Series, beginning with the Bronze workbook.”

I took piano as a child, but haven’t played for years. I can still play easy sheet music, but I’m rusty. The Primer and the Grade 1 book were very easy/very fundamental, but there were things in the Grade 2 book that I had forgotten (quarter, half and whole rests). So for me, I started with the Primer and I’m working my way through all the books (Theory Time was kind enough to send them—I’m going to use them!).

A workbook can last an entire school year if a student completes one-three pages a week. If a student wants to play catch-up (is in the third grade but starting with the Primer), multiple workbooks can be completed during the year.

Want to learn more? You can watch a video on the Workbook Series here.

The Medallion Workbook Series  is an accelerated general music theory method– an accelerated version of the K-12 series mentioned above—and spans entry-level through college prep music theory. This series is designed for adults, college students and late beginners. There are five workbooks in the Medallion series including

  • Theory Fundamentals – Bronze (covers concepts taught in the Primer-Grade 3 workbooks mentioned above)
  • Early Intermediate – Silver (covers concepts taught in the workbooks Grades 4 and 5, mentioned above)
  • Intermediate – Gold (covers concepts taught in Grades 6-8)
  • Advanced – Platinum (covers topics taught in Grades 9-10)
  • College Prep – Diamond (concepts taught in Grades 11-12—upon completion, a student is more than ready for freshman college theory)

You can watch a video here of the series here.

I think both sets of workbooks are GREAT. They are thorough and easy to follow. They give a student confidence and a sense of accomplishment. I’m looking forward to working through all the books. That’s how great these books are—I really don’t want to miss a thing!

Theory Time is available from music distributors nationwide & font> The K-12 Series books are approximately $10 on Amazon, and the Medallion books are approximately $15—what a deal!