Time4Writing Homeschool Product Review

Time4Writing Product Review


  • Grades: 3rd-12th
  • Subjects: Writing
  • Category: Non-Religious
  • Format: Traditional online – interactive
  • Price: Must contact support for a custom quote.

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How to Use Time4Writing in Your Homeschool

The Time4Writing curriculum helps homeschool students build skills and master the art of writing from elementary through high school. They do this by providing a full spectrum of 8-week online writing courses. All courses include one-on-one instruction and feedback with a certified teacher.Time4Writing Homeschool Product Review

So how does it work? Once enrolled, students complete their work online through an easy to use interface and submit their completed assignments to their assigned teacher who then grades and provides encouraging feedback through the student’s online account. Students can send messages to their assigned teacher in order to ask questions about assignments or to discuss progress. It’s like having a personal writing tutor! Parents are kept in the loop throughout the course and even receive regular reports on their child’s progress.

If you’re not sure which class is right for your child, Time4Writing provides an online Course Placement Tool to assist in the decision making process. This is very helpful.

Key benefits of Time4Writing courses include:

  • The courses provide personalized writing instruction and encouraging feedback.
  • The courses motivate aspiring writers to fine-tune and develop their skills.
  • The courses can be used to fill in writing skills gaps.
  • Kids can work at their own pace – they just have to finish within an allotted time period.
  • Convenience – students can start the classes any day, and the lessons can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere with a computer and an internet connection.
  • Quick response – Teachers respond within 24 hours (excluding weekends).
  • Parents are kept informed of their child’s progress and have a dedicated parent administration page.
  • Time4Writing provides free writing tips and additional resources on their site.
  • Price – if you look at it as tutoring – you’re paying $119 for eight weeks – most tutors charge much more.
  • Time4Writing offers a satisfaction guarantee, which allows you to cancel or switch courses at any time if you are not satisfied with the product within the first 14 days.

Want more info on how Time4Writing works? You can view their two-minute tour.

Time4Writing Program Features

  • The elementary online writing courses start at the pre-writing level with a beginner course on grammar. Other elementary writing courses cover topics such as the parts of speech, punctuation, subject and predicates, sentence structure, sentence types and different types of paragraphs. Advanced elementary writing courses teach how to write an essay, as well as how to write narratively and informatively. A homeschooler who has completed all of the elementary level courses should have a strong writing base and be ready for the bigger challenges of middle school writing.
  • The middle school online writing courses make sure your student is ready for high school. They start at the beginner level with a basic writing mechanics course that focuses on writing fundamentals such as sentences vs. fragments, subjects, and predicates, subject-verb agreement and capitalization. Intermediate courses include writing enhancements, paragraph writing and a middle school essay writing course that is designed to strengthen the student’s ability to write a well-structured essay. The advanced middle school writing course teaches students to find their voice.
  • The high school online writing courses allow homeschoolers to strengthen their writing skills and fill in any gaps before heading to college or the workplace. Beginner level courses include “Grammar, Usage and Mechanics” and “High School Paragraphs” which focus on sentence structure, proper punctuation, capitalization, subject-verb agreement, paragraph structure, types of paragraphs, and proofreading. Intermediate courses include paragraph and essay writing courses that develop skills and introduce students to the essay writing process from the pre-writing to the revision stage. For students who are college-bound, there is also a course on Writing Research Papers, where they learn all about citing sources, MLA style, research, and revision.

To see a list of all the Time4Writing courses, click here.

Time4Writing Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Makes it easier to teach writing.
  • Gives personal feedback for improvement.
  • Courses are only 8 weeks.
  • The online courses may not suit all learning styles.

Other Comments about Time4Writing

We reviewed the Narrative Writing Course. We liked:

  • That Time4Writing offers a large variety of courses – at every level – so it’s easy to find one that your child needs/want to take.
  • The certified writing teacher and personalized instruction were great. Our reviewer writes, “As a homeschool Mom, I liked that my daughter was able to take instruction from someone other than myself.”
  • The convenience – courses are available 24/7. Our reviewer has a large family and homeschools, multiple children, at a time. So this flexibility was especially nice.
  • There is quick response time from instructors (within 24 hours excluding weekends/holidays).
  • Time4Writing is very affordable.