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Grades K-12 and beyond
Try Tutor.com for $9.99 (30 minute session)
Monthly plans starting at $39.99/month

I want to note the following—as I think it’s really amazing—it is taken directly from the Tutor.com website:

In the U.S. military? Then tutoring could be FREE to your family! Get homework and studying help from a professional tutor any time you need it. Eligible students in Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard and Reserve families can use the DoD-funded Tutor.com for U.S. Military Families program at no cost. Expert tutors are online 24/7 and available to help military families around the world in more than 16 subjects, including test prep, proofreading, Math, Science, English and Social Studies.

Eligible military-connected students include:

  • All grades K-12 dependents of National Guard, Reserve and Active Duty military families
  • Some military adults, including part-time National Guard and Reserve service members and their adult dependents

That’s a lot of free tutoring sessions! And that’s pretty impressive! (To see if your military family qualifies for free tutoring, make sure to check the most current eligibility rules at www.tutor.com/military/eligiblity.)

In addition, the overall number of Tutor.com tutoring sessions –almost 10 million (and counting) is impressive as well! Tutor.com has more than 2,500 tutors, and has served more than 1.3 million students during the last year.

Things I like about Tutor.com include:

  • The tutors are certified teachers, college professors, graduate students and subject matter experts
  • Every tutor passes an extensive screening and third-party background check
  • Every session is recorded for quality control and safety purposes (I really like this aspect)
  • Students can get tutoring help in 40+subjects, including math, science, social studies, English, AP® courses, and SAT test prep.
  • Tutors are available 24/7—no appointments are needed. At

Tutor.com, your kids can get the help they need when they need it—immediately

  • Students can “Favorite” their tutors so they can work with them again—great for consistency in learning
  • It’s flexible—your kids can use their tutoring minutes in any subjects. Perhaps they need math help this month and science help next month—no problem
  • Tutor.com uses the latest technology including interactive whiteboards, chat and file sharing—even an online locker to save assignments, class notes and papers
  • There’s mobile access—your kids can use the free

Tutor.com To Go app on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

  • Your unused minutes roll over—they are not lost (every homeschool parent is going to like this)
  • There are no long-term contracts and you can change or cancel your plan at any time (a huge plus)
  • There is a money back guarantee

Almost ten million tutoring sessions – No long term contract – A money-back guarantee – Plus LOTS MORE!