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Ages K – College

Tutor Pace – Online Tutoring that is Affordable, Simple,
and Always Available


Tutor Pace is an online tutoring service that helps students from kindergarten to college via online tutoring sessions. All of their tutors are certified to ensure subject mastery and all tutors are subject to a stringent third-party background check (we’re very happy about this). Students have the option of interacting with instant live tutors or they can schedule a tutoring session with a preferred (favorite) tutor. Tutor Pace offers tutoring support for a wide range of subjects including:


Parents can monitor student progress and feedback through the account section of the Tutor Pace website, and detailed progress reports are emailed monthly to the parents.

Enrollment is easy and the cost options are exceptional. You can try it out for two hours ($14.99) or a week ($34.99) – there are no long term commitments.

In addition to tutoring, Tutor Pace offers:


  • The

Tutor Pace Ask Questions, is a question-and-answer platform where students can find answers to their questions that they have been unable to find using other resources. Each student is able to see another student’s answers and learn through the exposure to different perspectives.

  • General academic help in the form of

formula info, math calculators, answer/worksheets, and more.

  • A Tutor Pace

blog– with articles such as 10 Great Online Reading Resources for Parents and Kids (FREE).

  • The

Tutor Pace Free Diagnostic Tool offers students an opportunity to try out completely free SAT/ACT practice tests so they can discover their strengths and weaknesses. 


What we like about the Tutor Pace program:


  • Tutoring is available 24/7 so students can get the help they need when they need it
  • Many subjects are offered
  • It’s available to virtually all ages
  • Students have access to experienced online tutors, that have been background checked
  • The site provides a secure online classroom where the student and tutor use text-chat, an interactive whiteboard and secure web document sharing to communicate with each other (we like all the options)
  • After a session is completed, registered students can record and replay their sessions for studying or refreshing on any subject (very nice)
  • Parents can monitor student progress and feedback -detailed progress reports are e-mailed monthly to all parents
  • The extras mentioned above (questions & answers,

math, calculators, etc.)

  • It’s an easy sign up
  • The cost options – the tutoring is inexpensive (some services charge so much more!) and there are no long term commitments
  • First time students can receive a free 30 minutes of online tutoring in any subject. We really like this!


Tutor Pace – it’s a perfect fit for supplemental homeschooling help.