Uzinggo’s Product Reviews

Uzinggo – Ages 11-18 — $9.95-$14.95/month, $94.95-134.95/year, $49.95 Prep and review courses

Uzinggo is an online math and science website designed for middle and high school students. Uzinggo was developed by Adaptive Curriculum, a company homeschoolers know and trust.

You might be wondering, “What does Uzinggo stand for–what does it mean?” The Vice President of Marketing at Adaptive Curriculum states, ” Uzinggo is a made-up name that captures the uniqueness of the (Uzinggo) learning experience and the fun students have while learning (with Uzinggo).”

Uzinggo does offer a fun learning experience, and does so in the following subject areas:

As a parent, I really appreciate help in these areas. I don’t know about you–but up until recently, I hadn’t figured out the volume of a cylinder for a decade or two. It’s nice to have this online assistance!

You’ll see from the sample lesson that Uzinggo uses what they call the 5E Instructional Model, which means they encourage students to–

1. Engage.
Lessons use real-world examples that help students explore concepts, create and test hypotheses and manipulate items. Instead of opening the textbook to learn the next equation, students might help a long-distance skier figure out how far she can jump. I have to say, I really appreciate real-world examples! They’re much more interesting!

Also, the game-like graphics are engaging and appealing–and let’s face it–that’s what our kids respond to.

A built-in gaming platform (again, what our kids respond to) engages and motivates students by letting them earn points as they prove they’ve learned the subject matter; they can then use the points for gift cards, to build avatars, donate to charities, and more. This certainly gets their attention!

2. Explore.
Because the lessons offer dynamic, active learning, and guided discovery, they let students experiment and make discoveries on their own. This emphasizes the process of learning rather than just getting the right answer; and ultimately, it results in a deeper understanding of the math and science concepts being taught.

3. Explain.
Students receive a full explanation, which can be paused and rewound–which is very helpful for difficult subjects. The explanations are clear and reinforced with audio, visual, and text online tutoring–so they’re good for all types of learners.

4. Elaborate.
Students challenge and extend their conceptual understanding with additional practice. Practice is always good–especially in math!

5. Evaluate.
Students evaluate their understanding in quick assessments at the end of each lesson. They review their results and track their own progress. I like this–as it gives them ownership and responsibility.

For videos explaining Uzinggo, and how/why Uzinggo works well, click here.

Examples of Uzinggo tutorials can be seen here–

So now the question might be, “Is Uzinggo a good fit for homeschoolers?” The answer is, “Yes it is!Many positive points are made above, and one thing that makes Uzinggo stand out, which hasn’t been touched on yet, is that parental involvement is highly encouraged, and is designed into the program. Each Uzinggo activity includes a blue activity sheet for the student and an orange one for the parent–and the parent is encouraged to follow along, or better yet, work along with the student. Setting goals is also encouraged, and might include attaining a certain score, or beating Mom’s/Dad’s score. And it’s easy for parents to monitor progress with real-time reports. Homeschoolers will also appreciate the virtual lab – as science experiments are what some call “clean”– so there’s no mess, dangerous chemicals or added expense. And Uzinggo is cost effective. It’s a great alternative to a tutor. Think about it–with Uzinggo, for just $9.95/month students can have unlimited math or science help. That would buy about 1/2 hour of a live tutor’s time!

Uzinggo–has a lot to offer!

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