Vanguard Education’s Product Reviews

Ages 3 – 12

Vanguard Education provides educational materials for North American and international homeschool and Christian students. Much of the material is provided free of charge. Products that do have a cost, are priced very reasonably.

We reviewed the Daddy, I Want To Read books. Daddy, I Want to Read is a series of five beginning reading books written by Dr. Bryan. They were written while the family was on a Christian mission, living in a tent in the Kalahari Desert (thus, the reason they’re also referred to as Kalahari Readers).

The books are designed for beginning students who cannot read at all, and do not know the names or sounds of any letters. It takes approximately one year to complete all five books, at the rate of two reading lessons per school day (a morning lesson and an afternoon lesson).

There are three versions of the books. One version is for Americans, one for Canadians, and one for British and Commonwealth nations. The primary differences in the books is the use of American spellings for Americans, Canadian spellings for Canadians, British spellings for the UK and other English speaking nations.

In addition to the five reading books, an Instruction Manual explains how to use the books. If all five books are ordered together, the Instruction Manual is included free of charge. Since this is a unique way to teach reading, we recommend buying the bundle and getting the free Instruction Manual.

We really like these books. Particularly:

  • They really do offer a unique and an effective way to teach reading.
  • Lessons are short – and occur once or twice during the day.
  • Lessons are relatively easy – they consist of reading the previous page, and one new page.
  • The books use a combination of scopic and phonic reading. For the most part, words that can be sounded out phonically are taught phonically. Words that are difficult to learn phonically, are taught scopically.
  • Scopic/new/difficult words are in blue ink, while other words are in black ink. Eventually, by book five, all words are in black ink.
  • After completing the five books, kids can read difficult words such as cough, enough, because, won’t, eighty, concert, and more.
  • After these books, children are ready for basic reading books and mathematics books.
  • The books are of a nice quality – they have sturdy covers, attractive cover illustrations, they have good quality paper, etc.
  • The books are very affordable – $40 for six books. Wow!

Also, FYI, the website offers lots of free downloads –

It’s an interesting site – and worth a look-see.