Wordly Wise 3000® Online

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Grades 2-12

Wordly Wise 3000® Online, from EPS Literacy and Intervention (a leading publisher of K–12 blended-media reading and math solutions) helps students in grades 2-12 master the vocabulary they encounter in grade-level literature, content-area reading, textbooks, and in tests (including the PSAT, SAT, and ACT).

This online version covers the exact same material as their best-selling print editions (which homeschoolers have been using for years), but the online version includes many extras. These include–

  • Access to the entire curriculum for grades 2-12 for one year (this is really cool—as it gives you and your student lots of flexibility!)
  • Engaging lessons that give students multiple exposures to each word, leading to long-term retention
  • Full audio support for the complete program
  • A user interface that’s visually appealing to students (and to parents)
  • Scaffolding* — individual support to maximize a student’s success
  • Immediate corrective feedback for all activities
  • Online reviews and tests
  • Rewards along the way—and students always end on a positive note
  • Teacher resources including instructional support and strategies, monitoring, easy to read reports (many are graphical), and more
  • The Wordly Wise 3000® Online app allows students to complete their assignments on an iPad — with all of their results showing up in the teacher reports. This flexibility is another bonus

Following is an overview of an individual Wordly Wise 3000 Online lesson:

  • A Wordly Wise 3000 Online lesson starts out with a multiple choice pre-test to assess the student’s prior knowledge
  • The new word list is then introduced. The words chosen for Wordly Wise 3000 are selected to expand critical grade level vocabulary and improve reading comprehension. Definitions and sample sentences using the chosen words are also included. At this stage, kids answer an online “flip card” about each word
  • Following the flip card activity, kids complete four different exercisesFinding Meanings, Just the Right Word, Applying Meaning, and Word Study. The puzzle activity within the Applying Meaning section is fun — parts of a puzzle fill in with each correct answer.
  • Following the activities, kids read a nonfiction passage that incorporates the lesson words
  • A post-test follows. Kids can see their results right away
  • Remediation occurs for missed words
  • Once complete—kids receive a lesson certificate to print out (and show off)

When viewing a lesson, you really appreciate all the extras the online version has to offer.

Wordly Wise 3000 Online is sold to homeschoolers through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op.

If you prefer physical books to an online program, Wordly Wise 3000 offers Student and Teacher’s Resources books for kids in K-12th grade. The books are soft-bound, and very nice. We certainly like them!

*Instructional scaffolding is a learning process designed to promote a deeper learning. Scaffolding is the support given during the learning process which is tailored to the needs of the student with the intention of helping the student achieve his/her learning goals (Sawyer, 2006).