The Writing Course’s Product Reviews

The Writing Course – Age 10+ – High School – $67-$97

“We get kids writing— writing gets kids learning.” Fred Ray Lybrand

The Writing Course from Dr. Fred Lybrand teaches children how to write without getting caught up in grammatical rules–and more importantly, to enjoy the writing process. Dr. Lybrand doesn’t teach students to write perfectly (at first) — he doesn’t even aim for that, instead, his viewpoint is, “The whole point of writing is that we start where we start …then we get help…finally, we make it great.”  I couldn’t agree more!

The Writing Course is certainly thorough! It includes the following–

  1. 21 audio lessons (instant downloads) covering the 12 “secrets”, numerous corollaries, freedom from fear, giving helpful feedback, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and more.
  2. A 70 page PDF version of the full transcript from The Writing Course-Basic Seminar.
  3. A 46 page PDF re-printable workbook (to be used in multiple years and by multiple students).
  4. A PDF Answer Key for the workbook.
  5. A PDF of complete step-by-step directions for using the method properly.
  6. A PDF reference guide to punctuation and how to give successful feedback to your student.
  7. 6 full hours of archived call-in sessions. These sessions were recorded live and include a short lesson along with Q&A.
  8. One year of coaching support as needed by phone, email, and from the website.
  9. An additional Essay Course! Yes, a whole new course is included! The Essay Course adds its own (and an additional) 17 audio lessons to the curriculum. It also includes a workbook and a transcript of the course.
  10. Instant Access and Backup. You have both courses fully downloadable for your immediate use.  You can make CDs or put the lessons on your iPod.  If something happens to your download (e.g. computer crash), The Writing Course will renew your link to the course whenever you need it! Now, that’s customer service!

The Table of Contents for all the above is as follows–

Listen First: All Educators Please Begin Here
Read First: The Writing Course
12 Secrets
The Writing Course Ebook (transcript of entire course)
The Writing Course Workbook
The Writing Course. Answer Key
The Writing Course. Feedback Punctuation
Quote-Albert Einstein
Quote-Henry Adams
Lesson 1 – The One Thing You Must Know about Writing
Lesson 2 – Writing Always Must Follow Three Steps
Lesson 3 – Why Instinct is Everything for Writing
Lesson 4 – The Single Most Important Way to Start Writing
Lesson 5 – Excellent Grammar & Punctuation Without Rules
Lesson 6 – The Simple Punctuation Magic List
Lesson 7 – Final Steps for Mastering Punctuation Without Rules
Lesson 8 – The Painless Cure for Poor Spelling
Lesson 9 – How to Write Whenever you Want
Lesson 10 – How to Get Emotionally Free from What People Think of Your Writing
Lesson 11 – How to Pick the Right Words as You Write
Lesson 12 – How to Relax and have Fun as You Write
Lesson 13 – The One Thing to Know About Creative Writing
Lesson 14 – The Real Tricks Professional Writers Use Everyday
Lesson 15 – The Only Thing that Will Keep Readers Reading Your Writing (Part 1)
Lesson 16 – The Only Thing that Will Keep Readers Reading Your Writing (Part 2)
Lesson 17 – The One Thing that Will Naturally Keep You Focused While You Write
Lesson 18 – The One Secret that Will Make You an Original Writer
Lesson 19 – Important Loose Ends You Must Know to Tie it All Together (Part 1)
Lesson 20 – Important Loose Ends You Must Know to Tie it All Together (Part 2)
Lesson 21 – Important Loose Ends You Must Know to Tie it All Together (Part 3)

Read First: The Essay Course
Essay Basic Form
Lesson 1. Essay Course – Introduction: How to Learn with The Essay Course Method
Lesson 2. Essay Course – The Power of your New Philosophy on Essay Writing
Lesson 3. Essay Course – The Danger of Following Formulas for Essay Writing
Lesson 4. Essay Course – To Write Well You Must Follow These Three Steps
Lesson 5. Essay Course – How to Tap Into Your Instinctive Gift For Writing Well
Lesson 6. Essay Course – How To Pick the Right Words as You Write
Lesson 7. Essay Course – The One Secret that Will Make Your Essays Stand Out
Lesson 8. Essay Course – Figuring Out the Right Look for Your Essays
Lesson 9. Essay Course – The Three Steps to Fast and Effective Essay Writing
Lesson 10. Essay Course – Kipling’s Great Secret for Essay Writing
Lesson 11. Essay Course – How to Use the Metaphor for Instant Essays
Lesson 12. Essay Course – How to Use the Power of Threes for Clear Essays
Lesson 13. Essay Course – How to Write So they Want to Read Every Word of Your Essay
Lesson 14. Essay Course – Monty Python’s Great Secret About Persuasive Essays
Lesson 15. Essay Course – The Power of Illustrations and How to Find Them On the Spot
Lesson 16. Essay Course – A Few Factors for Wow in Getting Yourself to Write Your Essay
Lesson 17. Essay Course – Final Tricks for Teaching Others (Including Yourself)

The 25 Minute Essay Secret – The easiest way to make any essay twice as good.
The Insider’s Guide to College Success

Dr. Lybrand recommends using the course each year until graduation from high school. In fact, he states, “This program should be used yearly with each student. Because of the design of the course, it’s a new experience every time…with deeper learning occurring with each experience.” 

And, the program can be used by your entire family (one price for the whole family, forever)! A course you can use multiple years, by multiple individuals–it’s easy to see that The Writing Course is a true BARGAIN!!

So, what is the price for The Writing Course? Just $97 for everything mentioned above! You can even get the course for less–just $67 if you promise (yes, promise) to encourage others to purchase The Writing Course (but only if you think the course is worthwhile). In addition, there is a one year money back guarantee!!

For high school, college, and future careers, your students need to be able to write–and to write well. With this course, they learn to write well, to enjoy the process, to understand that it doesn’t have to be perfect, and to “get” grammar without memorizing all the rules–sounds great to me!

Really, you have nothing to lose–only great writing to gain!