Rachel DeMille

Rachel DeMille

Get off the conveyor belt of homeschooling…and come face to face with greatness!

Rachel DeMille is co-creator of Leadership Education, which is commonly known as Thomas Jefferson Education (TJEd). She is also the creator and editor of Homeschool.com’s 2013 and 2014 Best Curriculum award-winning This Week in History.

TJED offers great information, including a Simple Homeschool Bundle which contains all the TJEd wisdom pulled into one package. It’s is the answer to “But how do I actually DO it?”, and includes their newest offering: 5 Habits of Highly Successful Homeschoolers.

In her interview, Rachel explains how you can take your homeschooling from ordinary to extraordinary by getting off the conveyor belt of homeschooling….and coming face to face with greatness.

On a personal note, Rachel is living joyfully in a world that makes only as much sense as it absolutely has to. Wife to Oliver, mother of 8 and counting, Rachel is on a mission to heal families, inspire others to detect, refine and unleash their genius, and anxiously awaiting more grandbabies. She is currently building a mini-farm, and wondering if it’s going to push her over the edge.

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