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PRIDE Reading Homeschool Programs

By: PRIDE Reading


PRIDE Reading is a program for struggling readers, dyslexia, and reading comprehension. Whether it's through home/online professional instructions, easy to teach programs or virtual reality instruction programs, PRIDE... more

Dyslexia Gold

$8-$15/mo - $32/mo

Dyslexia Gold's programs are geared towards children with dyslexia and can change your child's life with just 10 minutes a day. Transform your child’s reading and hearing abilities by addressing the causes of their... more

PDX Reading


PDX Reading offers decodable books which are books that only include sound symbol relationships a student has learned. Books are separated into the categories, beginners and struggling readers. A free assessment of your... more

Little Giant Steps


Little Giant Steps’ Auditory Processing Mini Program helps increase a child’s attention span, their ability to follow directions, reading and listening comprehension, and conversational abilities to name a few. The... more