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Oak Meadow



Oak Meadow provides a student-paced curriculum, allowing students to focus on areas that interest them. The curriculum is majority print based to influence active reading through margin notes, questions, thoughts and... more

Mental Eclipse



15% off all Math Eclipse games with the code HOME15. Math Eclipse is a fun, educational game that increases a kid’s number sense using cards and dice. Kids will use skills such as: addition, subtraction,... more



Free or subscription for $6/student/ month

Sumdog is an online math and spelling practice tool that helps learners build confidence through games that are fun, engaging and personalized. Available on Apple, Android and web platforms, each activity is... more

American School



American School offers accredited middle school and high school courses at an affordable cost.  Students may complete full years of middle school or high school and ultimately earn an accredited high school diploma. ... more



$99/ year for unlimited courses

Students & Parents are Raving about our Middle/High School Courses! Video based, online courses Self-paced Self-grading Fun & Engaging - “Kids love our unique electives and video-based... more

Innovator’s Tribe Summer School

By: Innovator's Tribe


Innovator's Tribe offers an online summer school focusing on science, technology, innovation, coding, and design. The courses are self-paced and are designed for gifted students or highly driven students who want to... more

Innovator’s Tribe Online Courses

By: Innovator's Tribe


Innovator's Tribe offers a variety of online courses focusing on science, electives, and technology. They are designed for gifted students or highly driven students who want to learn more outside of their traditional... more

Elementary Physical Science

By: Exploration Education


Exploration Education offers hands-on, year-long courses in physical science. Students will study force, energy, magnets, sound, and more, while discovering the relationship between science and daily life. Materials and... more

Mango Language Courses


Mango Language Courses offer online Language classes with a monthly or annual subscription fee. Options available for grades 3 & up.... more

The Lukeion Project


The Lukeion Project offers many different online classes in Latin, Greek, Classical History, Rhetoric, Literature, Classical Philosophy, AP English Literature & more. They are geared towards high school students.... more

GamED Academy


GamED Academy offers minecraft-based learning for grades 3-12. You do need MineCraft to be able to use their services. They offer educational games for Pre-readers-12th grade to help supplement & reinforce what... more



edX offers thousands of free online courses from over 140 institutions for grades 10-12. There are live or self-paced courses available in every subject and in many different languages.... more