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State History by a Helping Hand



Geography of the Fifty States by A Helping Hand Learn how geography helped shape history! The growth of the US, state by state, is correlated with US geographical regions Four pages per state, tests, keys, teacher... more
Faith Based

Pandia Press: History Quest


By: Pandia Press


Through an exciting and rich narrative, History Quest: Early Times takes you on a journey into the past to experience the rise and fall of ancient civilizations and empires Designed as a read-aloud for elementary-age... more

Pandia Press: History Odyssey


By: Pandia Press


History Odyssey study guides feature the best resources available, organized into a yearlong study plan Students read different viewpoints and great literature while exercising critical thinking skills through active... more



$9.99 - $24.99

Linguacious® is a multi-award-winning language learning company started in 2015 by two multicultural and multilingual parents and language learning experts, raising their kids to be trilingual The company develops... more

Kindergarten Complete Set


By: Calvert Homeschool


Calvert Homeschool for grades K-2 is a worktext program covering science, language arts, history and geography, and math Learning is mastery based, and encourages critical thinking skills Students work at their own... more

Easy Grammar



Easy Grammar teaching texts (prepositional approach) use a building-block-escalator-style to promote mastery Daily GRAMS provide (180) 10-minute daily review lessons Easy Grammar Ultimate texts (8th-12th) teach in... more

Calvert Homeschool


Price varies

Calvert knows education is important, so we make sure our programs are the best academically while keeping them fun and engaging Calvert’s kid-friendly, print courses for grades K-2 enhance learning for young children... more