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Chegg Tutors


Online tutors for high school and college levels, available 24/7. These tutors are available in a wide array of subjects and topics to help you wherever you need. Chegg "believe[s] all students should get the help they... more

My Transition Portfolio

By: My Key Plans


MyKey Plans Transition Portfolio is designed to help students with disabilities set goals and build self-determination, preparing them for life after high school. The digital version allows students to add materials to... more

Science for Highschool


Science for High School is a collection of science manuals and lab sets for chemistry, biology, and physical sciences. Unlike traditional textbooks, Science for High School pushes students to find the answer to a... more

Lakeshore Learning Online Courses

By: Lakeshore Learning


Brilliant offers both free and premium subscriptions to its online services. They are designed for students as well as adults who want to brush up on subjects or keep their minds sharp. Brilliant is designed to offer... more

Breaking the Barrier Online Curriculum

By: Breaking the Barrier


Breaking the Barrier is designed to be a full language curriculum for homeschoolers eager to learn both Spanish and French. This is a full curriculum and is designed not to need any outside resources. The teacher or... more

Argo Prep High School


Argo Prep is an online resource provider. Their SHSAT resources are specifically designed for New York specialized high school applicants which are gifted students. This includes test prep in English Language Arts and... more

Passion for Fiction

By: BraveWriter


BraveWriter's Passion for Fiction class is designed for students who already have a love for writing. Students will focus on various elements of fiction writing, including setting, character development, plot, dialog,... more

Literary Analysis: Shakespeare

By: BraveWriter


In BraveWriter's Literary Analysis: Shakespeare online class, students read and discuss Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. Students learn about life and time during which Shakespeare wrote, about the theatre scene and... more

Literary Analysis: Animal Farm

By: BraveWriter


In BraveWriter's Literary Analysis: Animal Farm online class, students read and discuss George Orwell's Animal Farm. Students learn about some of the historical context the fed into the novella while discussing... more


By: BraveWriter


BraveWriter's Fan Fiction class offers students a chance to dig into this new writing genre. Students study various literary elements while practicing free writing, drafting, plot planning, and character development.... more

Expository Essay: Rhetorical Critique and Analysis

By: BraveWriter


BraveWriter's Expository Essay: Rhetorical Critique & Analysis online class takes students beyond what is covered in the Exploratory & Persuasive Essay class. In this 6 week course, students will write a... more

Expository Essay: Exploratory and Persuasive

By: BraveWriter


BraveWriter excels at taking students from personal experience writing to academic writing. This 6-week Expository Essay: Exploratory and Persuasive covers both open and closed essay formats and helps students become... more