Becoming a Reader in 75 Days

By: The Learning Bar


Becoming a Reader in 75 Days is a course designed for parents and caregivers supporting children in Pre-K-Grade 1 to become confident readers. In this course, you the parent/caregiver will learn the core strategies to support your child in becoming a reader. Our course provides easy and engaging activities that can creatively become reusable to do with your children, no external materials are required. Printables and activities are provided within the course and require only up to an hour a day to support your children in Becoming a Reader in 75 Days. If your schedule is busy and you seek a lightly packed flexible course that helps you take advantage of time with an effective approach to learning how to read, this is your opportunity. Bring family engagement and confidence in supporting an early year with basic phonics and foundational reading skills with this course!



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  • Phonics


  • Preschool
  • Kindergarten
  • 1st Grade


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Non-Faith Based
Price: $99 per course