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Irish Themed Education Resources



Free online educational resources with an Irish Theme: - Education Modules with videos, presentations, activities, and handouts (upper grade school) - eBook:  Through Time & Magic: An Irish Adventure (while... more



Free or subscription for $6/student/ month

Sumdog is an online math and spelling practice tool that helps learners build confidence through games that are fun, engaging and personalized. Available on Apple, Android and web platforms, each activity is... more



Storyberries is a website that provides free bedtime stories for your children! Broken up by age, topic, and length of the story, you'll have no problem finding something to fit your family. There are animated books... more

Mystery Science

free trial

Mystery Science offers open-and-go lessons that inspire kids to love science! The lessons are hands-on and aligned to NGSS (Next Generation Science Standard) and Common Core. Visit their website for more information.... more

Gentle + Classical Nature

By: The Gentle + Classical Press


Gentle + Classical Nature was created by a homeschool mom looking seeking to help other homeschool parents by creating a beautiful science curriculum. Catering to students in grades K4-4, the pdf version of this... more
Faith Based

Guest Hollow Homeschool

varies - much is free

"Guest Hollow is a small homeschool materials creation company that specializes in making unique and engaging curriculums, printables, and books (all in digital format for download and viewing online) for homeschool... more
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K12 Reader


K12 Reader offers free printable worksheets to teach Spelling, Reading Skills, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Composition for all grades. They align with common core, but can also be used as a supplement to or even as a... more

Navigate – Empowering Young Adults to Make Decisions

By: Unbound

Free trial - $299

Navigate is an eight-week online elective course designed to help Christian young adults launch into life by empowering them to make decisions with confidence. Navigate helps students answer questions like…... more
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At Home Middle School


At Home Middle School is a free, online curriculum for grades 6-8. Pulling from different resources, web developer and educator, Melissa Brown, created 180 lesson plans in each subject to complete a school year. The... more

Incredible Art Department


The Incredible Art Department has free lessons taught by grade level, medium, artist, art period on subject.  ... more
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K12 Online Public School


K12 Online School is a traditional public school education that is done online at home. The classes are taught by certified teachers, and the program is fully accredited. If you're looking for something with less parent... more

Alice Programming

By: Alice


Alice is an innovative block-based programming environment that makes it easy to create animations, build interactive narratives, or program simple games in 3D. Unlike many of the puzzle-based coding applications, Alice... more