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By: Special Ed Tutoring

Starts at $25/session

For preschool through college! At, we are dedicated to helping children with special needs reach their excellence. We accomplish this by tutoring individual students using a customized... more

Care2Rock Private Music Lessons

By: Care2Rock


Care2Rock is an easy, affordable way to learn music from anywhere. In addition to offering flexible, private online music lessons with expert teachers, Care2Rock also provides instruments for students.... more

Emotive Computing Lesson Plans

By: Emotive Computing


Emotive Computing, LLC creates custom apps, lesson plans, and training resources to help autistic young adults to identify and regulate emotions during real-world activities, in order to improve decision making and... more

Entrepreneur University Online Classes

By: Entrepreneur University


Entrepreneur University is designed to teach students everything they need to know about starting and running their own business. It is founded on the belief that small businesses are a large part of our economy and... more

All About Reading


All About Reading provides physical materials to teach your student to read. All About Reading is a comprehensive curriculum and provides you with everything you need to teach your student to read. They offer (1-4)... more

ONEder Academy

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ONEder Academy provides various curriculums to students to help with life skills. Lessons can be screen shared, completed independently, or have a mix of both. Students can learn about how to be financially responsible,... more

BrimWood Press Collections

By: BrimWood Press


BrimWood Press offers various collections where students learn about years of history through books and hands-on activities. Calendar Quest, Worldview, Christian Theology, Historical Novels, Tools for Young Historians,... more

Captain Jeff


Captain Jeff is a unique reading program based on the use of exciting storytelling, books, and shows. The emphasis of the program is phonemic awareness, decoding skills, comprehension, and imagination.... more

Amber’s Hooked on Books

By: Amber's Hooked on Books


Amber's Hooked on Books offers an extensive catalog of books with a variety of subjects. Students are able to choose any book of interest.... more

Happy Cheetah Reading


Happy Cheetah Reading offers a complete program that helps students (and those with special needs) to develop and sharpen their reading skills. With no electronics and prep time needed, Happy Cheetah Reading helps... more

PRIDE Reading Homeschool Programs

By: PRIDE Reading


PRIDE Reading is a program for struggling readers, dyslexia, and reading comprehension. Whether it's through home/online professional instructions, easy to teach programs or virtual reality instruction programs, PRIDE... more

Equipping Minds Program

By: Equipping Minds


Equipping Minds’s main objective is to help kids and adults decrease learning and social challenges while increasing cognitive abilities. Equipping Minds Cognitive Development Curriculum includes nutritional, vision,... more