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Study the state of your choice (we have all 50!)

All students make a state history project notebook
using text and color state symbol pictures that we provide


State History from a Christian Perspective for Grades 3-12

  • A complete state history course on the state of your choice

  • Includes text with maps, color state symbol pictures, 6 quizzes and 2 tests, lesson plans and answer key, and a state constitution study guide

  • Students use our text material to construct a project notebook either in their own three-ring binder or in A Beka's preformatted scrapbook, My State Notebook (1997 or 2008 edition).

  • Thirty-lesson (6-week) course easily expands to a full year or more.  Difficulty level is easily and individually adjusted. 

  • Download a detailed description of this course (with examples) from our website!

My State History Funbook for Age 4 – Grade 2

  • A color-cut-paste workbook that provides an introduction to the state of your choice

  • Includes spiral-bound pre-formatted scrap-book with cutouts and state symbol pictures for your student to paste into the Funbook

  • Correlated with the older level so all ages can study together!



 OR study



FIFTY STATES under God for Grades 3 – 12

  • A workbook study of all fifty states in the order of statehood

  • Time-line and progressive map study built right into the lesson plans

  • Completely SELF-CONTAINED: reference section provides ALL information necessary to fill in the workpages!

  • Color state symbol pictures for all 50 states included

  • Download and print a free sample, the Hawaii pages from Fifty States Under God, on our website.


FIFTY STATES UNDER GOD for Young Learners for Age 4 – Grade 2

  • A color-cut-paste introduction to all fifty states in the order of statehood

  • Includes information about people associated with each state so your student learns character, patriotism, and Biblical values

  • Color state symbol pictures for all 50 states included


Geography of the Fifty States

Students learn interesting information about the geography of each state in the context of history and US geography. This is a unique approach to geography! The individual states are presented in the order of statehood, and the growth of the nation, state by state, is correlated with the geographical divisions of the United States. Students will see how geography helped to shape history as they study land regions, geographical features, and major cities. The book includes 4 pages per state, 5 Overview Lessons, 5 Tests, Answer Keys, Lesson Schedules, and (of course) maps! Use alone or combine with Fifty States Under God. Grades 3-12

New Two-Year Plan for Homeschoolers

Study your way through all fifty states in order of statehood, alternating between Fifty States Under God and Geography of the Fifty States, and inserting a more detailed study of your own state (using our state history course) when you come to it in chronological order!

Teach all your students together, age 3 through grade 12. We provide a schedule that covers all levels.

The schedule is for one year, five days per week, 1 hour per day. The one-year schedule includes modification instructions for a two-year program, four days per week, approx. 30 minutes/day. The schedule is available on our website (click on "Suggested Course Combinations and Schedules).

Don't forget to add the FUN!


A fun-filled, learn-as-you-go fifty states game!
You CAN play without KNOWING fifty-states facts,
but you CAN'T play without LEARNING fifty-states facts!

Number of players: 2 to 6 players or classroom
Age range:
Age 5 through Adult
Goal of the game:
To get the most points! The game consists of 4 cards per state containing questions in 4 different categories. Points are won by giving correct answers and by being the first player in a round to obtain 3 cards in each of the 4 categories. You do not have to know the correct answers to obtain the cards, but if you DO know the answers, you get POINTS! Wild Cards provide variety and excitement!


Visit www.statehistory.net for prices and more information!
Watch our new VIDEO on our website to see an explanation of our products and sample materials. Click on the AVAILABLE DISCOUNTS link on our website to find out how to get reduced shipping charges. 

Or contact us by phone or mail:

A Helping Hand, PO Box 39298, Indianapolis, IN 46239
Phone: 317-862-0948 Fax: 317-862-9484



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New this year: NOW YOU CAN ADD ANY NUMBER OF ITEMS from The Word In Season to any state history order WITHOUT ANY ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGE!

Excerpts from our GET WELL Card, The Gift of Quietness:
You have been a faithful servant, but I'm drawing you apart So that I can sit beside you and speak softly to your heart. There are things I want to say that you won't hear unless you're still; There's a strength that comes from resting that you'll need to do My will. So instead of feeling badly that you must inactive be, Just enjoy this gift of quietness and spend some time with Me!

Excerpts from our Birthday card, An Annual Reminder:
A birthday should renew our dedication Of body, heart, and soul, of mind and will; For a birthday is an annual reminder That He Who made us walks beside us still!

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